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Listening Tests / Re: Personal Blind Listening Test of Bluetooth codecs
Last post by Kamedo2 -
The original anova analysis was wrong; it used only the 21 tracks. It somehow ignored the last 5 tracks.
This is the correct anova analysis.
It won't change the final conclusions.

Code: [Select]
C:\Users\[removed]>friedman.exe -a bluetoothc.txt
FRIEDMAN version 1.24 (Jan 17, 2002)
Blocked ANOVA analysis

Number of listeners: 27
Critical significance:  0.05
Significance of data: 2.22E-016 (highly significant)
ANOVA Table for Randomized Block Designs Using Ratings

Source of         Degrees     Sum of    Mean
variation         of Freedom  squares   Square    F      p

Total              188          64.42
Testers (blocks)    26          13.67
Codecs eval'd        6          26.69    4.45   28.85  2.22E-016
Error              156          24.05    0.15
Fisher's protected LSD for ANOVA:   0.211


aac192k  sbc328k  aptx352k sbc280k  aac128k  aptx256k sbc237k
  4.66     4.59     4.50     4.22     4.06     3.89     3.55

---------------------------- p-value Matrix ---------------------------

         sbc328k  aptx352k sbc280k  aac128k  aptx256k sbc237k
aac192k  0.534    0.157    0.000*   0.000*   0.000*   0.000*
sbc328k           0.427    0.001*   0.000*   0.000*   0.000*
aptx352k                   0.008*   0.000*   0.000*   0.000*
sbc280k                             0.148    0.002*   0.000*
aac128k                                      0.098    0.000*
aptx256k                                              0.002*

aac192k is better than sbc280k, aac128k, aptx256k, sbc237k
sbc328k is better than sbc280k, aac128k, aptx256k, sbc237k
aptx352k is better than sbc280k, aac128k, aptx256k, sbc237k
sbc280k is better than aptx256k, sbc237k
aac128k is better than sbc237k
aptx256k is better than sbc237k

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Find & Play
Last post by MojoBass -
The feature is still available in Find & Play. As before the option is available for library tracks.
I guess that is my point: I would like to store the complete list of found tracks (e.g. 500 tracks) from an AutoDJ search to a playlist as well for the search type 'Youtube tracks' or 'Prefer Library tracks'. That would mean that the full list of both identified library tracks and youtube tracks is sent to a playlist.
Thought this was possible at YTTM, but couldn't reproduce... so probably wrong...
Anyway - big thanks for this great plugin!!
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Library Tree Discussion
Last post by MojoBass -
@WilB: this is great work!!
Sorting with $nodisplay seems to have an issue with items starting with numbers.
So on my side when using
Code: [Select]
albums with leading number in the album name (e.g. '18 Singles' by U2) are not in the order given by date, but at the end of the list.
MP3 / Re: Making an MP3 CD @ 96kbps... should I?
Last post by binaryhermit -
The problem with non-44.1 KHz "stereo" mp3s is the further you get from that, the more likely a hardware mp3 player will barf on the files.

Back in the early days of podcasts circa 2004, my Dell DJ would do weird stuff with certain mp3s such as play them at a weird speed/pitch, to the point where part of my workflow was reencoding/resampling/etc to something it definitely would be ok with
General - (fb2k) / Re: Windows Context Menu
Last post by j7n -
For Foobar you can configure the behavior for file associations under Preferences -> Shell Integration.

- Set Enqueue as the default action
- Always send new files to playlist -> To prevent the current playlist from being changed in case you constructed it intentionally and need it.
General - (fb2k) / Windows Context Menu
Last post by Jim Nasium -
Prior to posting, I performed a search and a lot of results were returned, I didn't look thru all of them so I apologize if this has been mentioned before. Be nice if while browsing windows explorer you could right-click a file and from the Windows Context Menu select Foobar - Add to Playback Queue. Similar to the way you can perform a number of WinZip functions from the Windows Context Menu. From File Explorer, I can right-click a file and select Play in Foobar2000 but that stops the currently playing MP3.

Jim Nasium
General - (fb2k) / Re: Why Foobar2000 displays the same cover for 5 tracks that have different covers?
Last post by Kazza -
I think this problem is a bug in current versions. There have been a few threads now -


One mentioned the issue started in foobar v1.65, so perhaps you could try installing an older version and report if that helps?

(Can @Peter confirm?)

I can confirm too that 1.6.4 doesn't have this problem.

Well, I'll try to install version 1.6.4

Indeed, in version 1.6.4 the cover viewer correctly shows the cover of each track regardless of whether the tracks belong to the same album and artist, without problems.

I hope that the developers can fix this problem in future versions, because yes, it's a problem.
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