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Converting 2ch Audio to 5.1 DTS - What's the latest way??

Thanks for reading and offering suggestions or helpful links. I'm looking for suggestions from guys who have done this recently. I want to do as the title suggests, probably from ripped CD files. I've read up on the process: basically create 6 mono files of differing characteristics as required for each 5.1 channel, then combine, create a DTS file, 5.1, I'd probably put on a DVD disc.

Much of the information as I've read it involves numerous steps and a handful of software packages. That doesn't intimidate me, but my question is, what is the latest approach guys are using, and what current software packages are they using to perform it? Are there software packages that help automate some of the steps? I'm using Win10. I've read about Bigasoft, Apowersoft and Surcode CD DTS, but haven't used any of them. Are there any sites or links devoted to doing this?

Thanks for your suggestions, tips or links!!

Re: Converting 2ch Audio to 5.1 DTS - What's the latest way??

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Audacity with the optional FFmpeg encoder should be able to do most of it.   Except Audacity doesn't burn discs.

If you want to make a "real" DVD or Blu-Ray that plays on all players, you'll need DVD (or Blu-ray) authoring software to create the proper file/folder structure.    Note that valid DVDs* are "required" to include an LPCM or AC3 track (because players are not required to support DTS).

Of course, you can burn the DTS file directly on a disc as a regular "computer" file, and your player might play it.

The Surcode method uses an oddball DTS WAV format that fools the CD burning software into thinking it's making a regular audio CD.  Then it fools your CD player into thinking it's playing a regular audio CD, but hopefully your receiver recognizes it as DTS (coming-in over S/PDIF) and decodes it.

* That's for normal "video" DVDs, including audio-only DVDs.   "Audio-DVD" (audio in the AUDIO-TS folder) is an obsolete format that doesn't support DTS or AC3, and most DVD players can't play Audio-DVDs.

Re: Converting 2ch Audio to 5.1 DTS - What's the latest way??

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Thanks for the link and info! It's helpful.  I'm going to give it a try on a couple songs and see how it goes. Just for fun.

Any other tips, I'm all ears!!!

Thanks again.

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