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Topic: Support for DTS XBR / DTS-HD HRA missing? (Read 496 times) previous topic - next topic
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Support for DTS XBR / DTS-HD HRA missing?

I'm running build 2.2 x86 preview 2024-05-31 and encountering issues with a DTS format,

Mediainfo 24.05.1
Format: DTS XBR / DTS-HD High Resolution Audio


In fooBar the following fields are not specified: length, bitrate, (bitspersample), lossy/lossless. All of those are available in mediainfo. Playing the file with MPC gives me the correct length.

It's playable in fooBar if you do not tag the file. After tagging when playing fooBar crashes.
Bit hard to attach a sample, smallest one is 90MB.

Please fix DTS support for these kind of files.

Re: Support for DTS XBR / DTS-HD HRA missing?

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DTS-HD High Resolution Audio is lossy, so it has no real bitdepth (bitspersample).

Re: Support for DTS XBR / DTS-HD HRA missing?

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There are lossless extensions for DTS, dunno how it is called properly...
Please remove my account from this forum.

Re: Support for DTS XBR / DTS-HD HRA missing?

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I know.

Therefore (bitspersample) in parenthesis. For a very long time fooBar reported 24bits for DTS 96/24 content which is also lossy and I had to suppress.

Main issue with this new (?) kind of lossy DTS is that it has no length/duration, so no minibar/waveseekbar/seekbar ...