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[Skin] Metallic Phosphor

This is the first release of my skin: "Metallic Phosphor"
fbskin file:X

(if you think the name sucks, give me a better one, i just couldnt release it as "tst25b")

As this is 0.0.1, there are a few issues however:
- Currently only 16:9 portrait and landscape are in it. ive removed the other resolutions, but dont complain if it gets streched or squished in weird ways.
- the portrait mode has this double album art thing going on. Originaly i planned something different, but due to the limitations on skinning it is now a redundant album art box. I may remove it in future versions, but i kinda like the album info box not going over the whole screen.
- the play and skip buttons (which may need some touching up) are a bit lonely. depending on whether we get more functionalities, i may add more playback controlls or reintroduce the shuffle and menue buttons later on.
- menue icons are just recolored defaults for now. replacing them may take quite some time.
- does not support composer/performer for classical. if there is demand i may add it back in.
- dont know if there should be more info, or if it is already cluttered enough. If the former, perhaps a genre display can be added, but im not sure where it would fit.

Portrait, tagged file, playing
Portrait, untagged file without art, paused
Landscape, tagged file, paused

Re: [Skin] Metallic Phosphor

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Great work.
I am not familiar with metal music, but feeling of it appears to be well represented.

I tried your skin on my iPhone 14 Pro (19.5:9) and the layout was not significantly disrupted.
However, in portrait mode, part of the top edge of the album artwork and the next track information is hidden or clipped by the rounded corners of the display and the dynamic island.

This is probably not a problem at all on devices with 16:9 displays.
If you are considering for other aspect ratios, it will be good option to researve margins to avoid the "obstructions" on recent mobile display.
Just for your information.

Re: [Skin] Metallic Phosphor

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However, in portrait mode, part of the top edge of the album artwork and the next track information is hidden or clipped by the rounded corners of the display and the dynamic island.

How does the default/example skin work for your device? i didnt change the position or size of the big album art, and of the available resolution files it should still pick 16:9 as that is the closest one. (the next track info i did change, so thats on me)

Re: [Skin] Metallic Phosphor

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I see, you created a skin with the same margins as the default skin.
Indeed, just as with the default skin, when I turned off the Tool > Settings > Advanced > Hide status bar on the playback screen option, no elements in the playback screen were hidden or clipped.
No problem.

But, here is how the default and your skin looks when that option is turned on.
I took the screenshot on an iPhone 14 Pro (9:19.5 aspect ratio) with the timer running so that you can see the position of the dynamic island.

As you can see, the top part of the artwork and the next track information field are a bit clipped by the rounded display and the dynamic island.

According to the console log, the drawing dimensions of the skin with the status bar hidden were 786 x 1704, and without the status bar hidden were 786 x 1518.
It appears that the vertical length of the drawing area is truncated by about 11% (about 7% from top and about 4% from bottom).

To address this issue, I always prepare two portrait skins for the recent iPhones, one with and one without the status bar.
I set 1125 x 2436 dimension for the  former and 1125 x 2166 for the latter. Top margin of each is 630 and 460 units (i.e., all elements are shifted upward by 170 units) respectively, and bottom margin of both is about 40-50 units in this setting.

If you are interested in optimizing your skin for iOS devices, try taking the above into cinsideretion.

Re: [Skin] Metallic Phosphor

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I see, you created a skin with the same margins as the default skin.

well, duh. i kinda expected the default one to work.
apparently it does not.

But that gives me the incentive to stray further from its scheme and do my own. Here is a basic functionality test (only aspect ratios greater than 16:9, only portrait mode for now.): for now, it should just reduce the distortions by spaceing the elements a bit further apart and introducing a gap to the short edges of the screen, the further you go away from 16:9

will try to make landscapes and lower ratios over the weekend, and if this works somewhat satisfyingly, update the initial post with the new version.

PS: also fixed the year not showing in landscape


Re: [Skin] Metallic Phosphor

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Didnt have nearly as much time to work on this as i would have liked.
Almost none at all.

So here is a 0.0.3 release. not much changed compared to last version.
it only features 16:9 to 22:9 portrait and (new:) landscape subskins (which are just spaced versions of 16:9, it may need some more visualy stimulating stuff or more infofields in the higher aspect ratios.