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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_nowplaying2
Last post by Wolfbane -
Hello, I used to use an old plugin called "AMIP Wrapper" to rename my songs, (last updated 2010, stopped working with Foobar 2.0)

So now Im here testing your plugin out, its recent made plugin and that's awesome that you took apon to do this.

Atm Im missing 1-2 huge feature and that is, what kind of change should happen to the text file when no song is being played.

So lets say I played a song, on stream I Stop the music to talk to viewers about something, then I would prefer not to have the song info still visible on my screen.

** 1 **
So basically "Stop = Change text" and if so to what... my preference would be " " (just space) but that could just be an empty field that can be customized by each person.
( I just realized that it does this by default, but still an option field to write whatever a person prefers on their own would be nice, maybe I want it to say "No Song playing atm" )
I also to my surprise found out that the text file gets re-written if I pause the song. To the exact same text as when song was playing, feels not necessary.

** 2 **
When song is playing sometimes people forget to read what the song was, and they ask at the end of the song, or even worse they ask in the next song, and with random shuffle, streaming I don't freaking remember...
So.... then it would be nice if the previous song possible to be saved in another txt file of my choice.

** 3 ** Is not needed but would be fancy...
Lets say when a song is changed, instead of instantly changing the text file, if it could to every 0.5 sec it would remove the last letter in the text file and save it.
Untill all letters are removed, then do the same but in oposit order when writing the new song. So type one letter each 0.5 sec, it would look like someone was typing the name.
Needed? Absolutely not, but it would be cool.
General - (fb2k) / Write Song to Text File?
Last post by Wolfbane -
Hello, I used an old plugin to write artist and song name to a text file.

But that plugin ( AMIP wrapper ) is super old (Last Update 2010) and stopped working with 2.0

So I looked around in default Foobar and did not see any way to do it, is there any way to do it by default in 2.0
or do I need a plugin and if so what is the best plugin for this, if you have a link to it, I would appreciate that also.
foobar2000 mobile / Re: [Android] 1.4.x doesn't see SD card anymore
Last post by pyr452 -
New beta out, system folder picker allowed once again.

I'm really sorry about this one, I worked under false assumption that if both really old and latest Android versions work, everything inbetween should be fine.
Allowed system folder picker again, as it turns out that some Android versions don't allow SD card access at all without it.
Made auto-resuming of playback after app restart opt-in. It mainly affects abnormal terminations anyway, the old behavior was annoying.

Didn't expect inconsistencies between different Android version be that bad.
As mentioned in the other thread auto-resuming isn't a thing in Android 13 - who expects it was in past versions...
Scientific Discussion / Re: What is the pre-amp input window range for dynamic microphone voltages
Last post by Maxotics -
However, if the ADC is good and the pre-amp is good too, then usually the THD+N of the ADC will be higher than the THD+N of the pre-amp at lowest gain. If that is the case, turning up the gain will result in a higher SNR, until the point that the THD+N of the pre-amp gets louder than the THD+N of the ADC. From that point, turning up the gain doesn't improve SNR.
If we can ignore the ADC (?), the way I understand amplification is, to simplify, if you have a really weak current you're going to need to seed or bias that current to get the amplification going.  There are many ways to do this of course.  That helper current is noise.

If you don't help the weak current, it just warms up the amplifier, so to speak, without getting it to work.  At the other end, you've optimized your amplifier to work with a known voltage.  That becomes the sweet spot.  The more a voltage goes above that the more the current slops out of its buckets, so to speak.   

That's all theory, which I believe holds because of thermodynamics, but the question in practical terms, are those things a real issue?  I suspect they are because if they weren't we wouldn't have a gain knob.  I believe the gain knob either increases the output voltage someway or another which has a cost in fidelity.  But if it's more important to resolve the weak voltage you pay it?

In a perfect world, you'd build a specific amplifier for every mic and it would flash yellow if current too low, green if good, and red if too hot.  Since we don't have that world we have have amplification kludges, controlled by gain knobs.  Am I off?