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[fb2k v2] Playcount Sync

While this shares the same name as the previous version available for v1.4+, no settings or data is preserved. You have to start fresh.

And the 64bit build really needs a 64bit scrobbler so it's kind of useless at this moment in time! Not even sure why I'm posting tbh.  :D

Re: [fb2k v2] Playcount Sync

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Hello thanks for the plugin.
After installed the plugin, I got crash on startup. Disable the plugin and my foobar works fine again.

here is my crash logs.

I download the old version and it didn't crash.

Re: [fb2k v2] Playcount Sync

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Not sure what's going on here as I did test everything.

I may have to revert to using old methods from the previous foobar2000-SDK. I had been using the new stuff for a few days but I must be doing something wrong. There's a tiny possibility it's fb2k bugz but it's more than likely me.

Sorry for the inconvenience.  :-[

also, the love/unlove is grey out/disabled for me.

This is because you need to authorise your account.

Re: [fb2k v2] Playcount Sync

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thank you, it's working great this time.

Re: [fb2k v2] Playcount Sync

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This adds an extra sanity check to make sure your Media Library is fully initialised before importing loved tracks. The menu item will be greyed out if it's not ready. This in addition to being unavailable when your Media Library has not been configured or you haven't set a user name.

Re: [fb2k v2] Playcount Sync

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Sorry but I don't have the v1 source code so I can't investigate it. It was last updated in 2020 and it's the only folder missing from the old source code archive I keep for other components:

I think you'll have to nuke it from orbit. Or just uninstall - whichever is easier.  :P

Re: [fb2k v2] Playcount Sync

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If you're willing to install fb2k v2 in portable mode, you can test this console spamming album total build I made (32bit only). You can play the tracks with the biggest discrepancies you get with enhanced playcount to see what says??

Ok I installed the version of the plugin you linked (in the foo_enhanced_playback thread). The console stats look accurate as far as I can tell. The only thing throwing some of them off is the arbitrary use the ` and ' character in track titles (which on my end get changed by foo_musicbrainz). Here's an example.

Raw playback stats in CSV where artist is Coldplay and track is Don['’|t Panic.
Code: [Select]
Artist, Album, Track title, Play count, First played, Last played
Coldplay,, Don't Panic, 20, 1/24/2006  7:02:00 PM, 11/6/2013  7:43:00 AM
Coldplay, Blue Room, Don't Panic, 31, 8/24/2006  7:36:00 AM, 8/11/2014  3:53:00 PM
Coldplay, Blue Room, Don’t Panic, 6, 2/25/2018  9:02:00 AM, 4/28/2022  3:17:00 PM
Coldplay, Garden State, Don't Panic, 20, 1/24/2006  7:02:00 PM, 11/6/2013  7:43:00 AM
Coldplay, Garden State: Music from the Motion Picture, Don’t Panic, 1, 2/25/2018  9:09:00 AM, 2/25/2018  9:09:00 AM
Coldplay, Parachutes, Don't Panic, 40, 8/24/2006  7:52:00 AM, 9/8/2013  9:39:00 PM
Coldplay, Parachutes, Don’t Panic, 3, 2/25/2018  9:08:00 AM, 4/28/2022  3:32:00 PM
Overall total for Don’t Panic is 10.
Overall total for Don't Panic is 133.

I changed the title from Don’t Panic to Don't Panic and these are the results from foo_lastfm_playcount_sync in the console:
Code: [Select]
Overall total for 'Don’t Panic' by 'Coldplay': 10
Garden State: Music from the Motion Picture - 1
Parachutes - 3
The Blue Room E.P. - 6

Overall total for 'Don't Panic' by 'Coldplay': 133
<album missing> - 42
Blue Room - 31
Garden State - 20
Parachutes - 40

I guess there's a sweet spot here for how specific the matches should be by not matching for punctuation maybe? Though it's not really your problem. It should be doing the aliasing but they don't seem to care. I'll probably switch to ListenBrainz when my fav apps have plugins for it.

Re: [fb2k v2] Playcount Sync

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The only thing throwing some of them off is the arbitrary use the ` and ' character in track titles (which on my end get changed by foo_musicbrainz)

foo_musicbrainz has pretty much always* had an option for replacing unicode punctuation with asciii. Picard does the same and it's always recommended, especially if scrobbling. The wider world won't be using musicbrainz so you really want your scrobbles to count towards the titles that everyone else is submitting. Too late for you now though.

*the original developer last updated it in 2012 and it was there then. I can't say for sure about the earliest versions. There might be a changelog entry for when it was added but I'm far too lazy to check that out.

Also, it would have more interesting to compare the album groupings returned against the stats by enhanced playcount that appeared way off. That was the prompt for all of this.

Sidenote: I've updated my docs to make the artist/title thing more prominent

Re: [fb2k v2] Playcount Sync

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Marc2k3, the component Cue.Fix Version 1.02 does not install on Foobar2000 v2 32 bit beta 6.

You can check?


Re: [fb2k v2] Playcount Sync

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Thanks for spotting that. The DLLs inside the fb2k-component are fine so if you extract it manually and drag it over the Preferences dialog>Component it should install. 32bit is at the root, 64bit inside the x64 folder.

Something has gone wrong with my github actions script which bundles the component and automates the release. I'll look in to it / get the file replaced ASAP.

edit: file now replaced

Re: [fb2k v2] Playcount Sync

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Installed and it works



Re: [fb2k v2] Playcount Sync

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For whatever reason, specifying fb2k-component as the file extension for the 7-zip command line tool (7z) causes fb2k to barf on the result. I'm too lazy to investigate other options that would probably make it work but changing to zip definitely works.

edit: presumably it creates a 7z file and renames that which fb2k can't handle whereas zip is more explicit
edit2: as expected, I'm super stupid and needed to add this: -tzip

Re: [fb2k v2] Playcount Sync

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Works as expected

slight issue though, if your privacy settings on is set to "Hide recent listening information" it will not update the playcount.
The console will throw the error
" Playcount Sync: Login: User required to be logged in"

sounds like a simple fix since you already have to authorize your account if you want to love/unlove tracks

Re: [fb2k v2] Playcount Sync

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Yeah, that turned out to be super easy. I'll need to update the readme and I'll post an updated component later on tonight or tomorrow morning.