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Wavpack 3.94 released.
WavPack 3.94 Features:
    4/15/2002: A highly tuned predictor has been developed and incorporated into all new high modes for both the lossless and the new hybrid compression options of WavPack. For pure lossless compression, the old high setting is now the default and is still the recommended mode, but in cases where the minimum possible file size is important, the new high mode gives about 1% to 3% better compression. In the hybrid mode the new high setting additionally improves the audio quality of the lossy files. Also, by popular request, the winamp plugin now uses the .wvc files for lossless playback of hybrid files (although a new configuration option allows the user to turn this off if desired). Finally, all three programs now display their batch progress status on the title bar for easy monitoring when minimized.
Juha Laaksonheimo

Wavpack 3.94 released.

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the hybrid mode + correction file isn't exactly new...

but impressive


Wavpack 3.94 released.

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... damn! has anyone experiences made with this hybrid mode? does it realy work 100 percent correctly?


Wavpack 3.94 released.

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I encoded one test file with it, and worked well (Including the restoration later)

But I didn't do any kind of listening test.

Wavpack 3.94 released.

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The new hybrid mode sounds very exciting but it's a shame that the lossy file in that mode requires about 256kbps for 44.1KHz input files. You can't create a 128kbps lossy + correction file.

Wavpack 3.94 released.

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... hm. i made an fast test:

original wav: dream theater - overture 1928 [37.536Mb]

encodet with the parameter -b128 -c gave two files:

"overture.wv" [7.070Mb] and "overture.wvc" [20.708Mb]

winamp shows an average bitrate from 1044kbps :eek: while playing. i don't abx it but in winamp it sounds weird at high frequencies.

restored to wave [the *.wvc must in the same folder as the *.wv file] i can't hear an difference to the original. looks like it works correct.

hm... weird thing! 


Wavpack 3.94 released.

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What you saw actually makes some sense. The winamp plugin now uses the .wvc file by default, so it will show the average bitrate for the lossless playback which would be over 1000 for your file. If you delete or move the .wvc file (or turn off the option in the configuration) then the displayed bitrate will drop and you will get lossy playback.

Also, as mithrandir correctly points out, the hybrid mode bottoms out at about 256 kbps, so when you specify 128 it is basically pegged at the minimum. I recommend at least 320 kbps for high-quality. I realize that this is pretty high, but I have found that it gives UAQUAL ODG scores averaging around –0.25 over a wide range of music, which I think is better than most codecs at 128 kbps.

BTW, WavPack includes a 32-bit error checking code, so if it reports lossless restoration you can be pretty sure that it's true.

Thanks for checking it out, guys!