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Screetchy digital sound

The sound is similar to a fax or old school dialup modem, but higher pitch and more annoying. I have had the DAC for a few years, with no issues.

I recently installed the ASIO output component for Foobar 2000 on my laptop, which is connected to the DAC via USB.

I was doing A/B comparisons of CDs (through CD transport hooked up via coax to DAC) and the FLAC files I created from them. They are on a laptop used solely for that purpose.

I started a song on both sources at the same time, and was using the RME's remote to switch between the 2 inputs. The "distortion" started quietly, barely noticeable, but got worse every time I switched between the transport and back. More of the music was replaced by the "screeching" sound each time.

It very quickly became painful to listen to.

I stopped the song, and when I started it back up, it was fine, until I switched inputs again a couple times and the screeching came back. I then closed Foobar and reopened it, I didn't notice it, but I only flipped inputs a couple times. I was frustrated and walked away.

I don't know if the problem is Foobar or the DAC. DAC is RME ADI-2 DAC FS.

Any thoughts on the problem?