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Topic: playing wv (wavpack) files on ipod classic (Read 12032 times) previous topic - next topic
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Re: playing wv (wavpack) files on ipod classic

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The only question I have is why the extra steps?

e.g. CD > Wavpack > m4a (apple lossless? or AAC?) using foobar > import in to iTunes.

Why don't you rip directly in to Apple Lossless using the guide below. iTunes can automatically transcode the apple lossless in to m4a (AAC) when you sync to your iPod.

e.g. CD > M4A (Apple Lossless) > import to itunes.
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Re: playing wv (wavpack) files on ipod classic

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i see.  the rip to wavpack has nothing to do with the project of listening on my ipod.  i want a permanent copy of my music.  and it is wonderful to be able to insert artwork and the rest of the metadata into it.

i would be doing that, irregardless of how i was gonna listen to it on my ipod.  for my portable listening, the lifetime goal is to have everything that i want to listen to on an ipod, converted to lossless m4a, and listen to it.  from my calculations, i think it is highly unlikely that i will ever have more songs than would fit on a terrabyte ipod.  but if i did, it wont be for a very LONG time !!

Re: playing wv (wavpack) files on ipod classic

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i have about 1000 songs loaded on my terrabyte ipod.  i calculated about 40,000 songs altogether (of my type of music).  most older songs last about 2 1/2 minutes.  so if yours lasted 5 minutes, you would have 20,000 songs.  much of the music i am currently loading, i have never listened to, before.  so i am listening to albums at a time, to see which songs i want to keep in the library, and which ones i want to add to a playlist.  i have not noticed much of a problem with loudness.  but if it becomes a problem it will be when i start listening to playlists, where it goes from one song to the next, and can be completely different artists and albums.  at this point, i have not  "normalized" any songs.