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Movie/Multichannel audio / Re: What is the effect of converting multichannel movie Atmos/DTS to AAC?
Last post by Chibisteven -
If your setup supports Atmos, it's possible you'll lose something if the movie soundtrack was Atmos encoded.  When dealing with stuff like Atmos leave as is.  The same is true for DTS: X.

If it's regular Dolby Digital or DTS it's fine to convert it but keep in mind AC3 is already small and lossy to begin with and you could lose dialogue normalization and/or other DRC information if you use DRC on your receiver.  Best left alone.

Dolby TrueHD might benefit from being converted to AAC if space is a concern but I just use regular Dolby Digital if the soundtrack is 5.1 but again I just leave it alone.

For DTS-HD Master Audio you can keep only the core DTS stream if you want if space is an issue but again I leave it alone otherwise.

I strongly recommend you leave it as is unless space is a very serious issue.
Movie/Multichannel audio / What is the effect of converting multichannel movie Atmos/DTS to AAC?
Last post by ProxyCell -
I have a massive collection of DVDs and Blurays that I am getting rid of, converting them to digital formats in my spare time. Many use Dolby Atmos, DTS-HD, Dolby 5.1, etc and I'm converting them to AAC. I would like to know the effects of this being played out of a hypothetical 7.1/atmos audio system or sound bar.

More technical notes: I'm using FFMPEG to rip the multichannel audio streams from my movie discs to WAV and then using QAAC to convert them to AAC, retaining all of the channels of audio in the new file.

Will an atmos/5.1/7.1/sound bar be able to play ALL of these channels properly or will I be missing something/something lost???
If so I may end up trying to retain the lossless audio but it will cost me quite a lot more disk space... OR just converting them to 2-channel stereo...

Thanks a lot for your replies, I really do appreciate your advice on the matter as I don't have my home theater setup to test this out yet and will not for another year.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: V2 beta 26 [x86] not listing DSD tracks
Last post by glong -
Fb2k definitely does 'do' the .iso's in terms of playback (but not listing anymore - as it did with V1).

I am never sure which plugins do or did that previously

Super Audio CD Decoder 1.5.4   foo_input_sacd.dll (2023-02-07 12:13:12 UTC)  is up to date - not sure if that interprets ISO

I have the following
Perhaps the ISO reading is via some other component

Channel Mixer   foo_channel_mixer.dll (2008-03-12 09:37:47 UTC)            
Converter 2.0 beta 27   foo_converter.dll (2023-03-15 18:55:40 UTC)            
DSD Processor 1.1.4   foo_dsd_processor.dll (2021-05-19 16:52:14 UTC)            
Equalizer 1.2.3            foo_dsp_eq.dll (2023-03-15 18:55:34 UTC)            
MultiResampler 1.1.2   foo_dsp_multiresampler.dll (2017-06-15 20:41:33 UTC)            
SoX Resampler 0.8.3   foo_dsp_resampler.dll (2017-11-26 16:02:45 UTC)            
Standard DSP Array 2.0 beta 27   foo_dsp_std.dll (2023-03-15 18:55:34 UTC)            
Graphic Equalizer 0.3.7           foo_dsp_xgeq.dll (2016-03-05 18:12:22 UTC)            
File Operations 2.0 beta 27   foo_fileops.dll (2023-03-15 18:55:38 UTC)            
Online Tagger 0.9                   foo_freedb2.dll (2023-03-15 18:55:38 UTC)            
APT-x100 Decoder 0.1.10   foo_input_apt-x100.dll (2020-04-16 20:18:58 UTC)            
AVS input 0.6                            foo_input_avs.dll (2019-12-02 00:00:28 UTC)            
DSDIFF Decoder 1.6            Foo_input_dsdiff.dll (2018-01-17 06:43:34 UTC)            
DTS decoder 0.6.9                    foo_input_dts.dll (2020-03-06 15:44:38 UTC)            
DVD-Audio Decoder 0.6.1    foo_input_dvda.dll (2022-09-05 10:30:56 UTC)            
Super Audio CD Decoder 1.5.4   foo_input_sacd.dll (2023-02-07 12:13:12 UTC)            
CD Audio Decoder 2.0 beta 27   foo_input_std.dll (2023-03-15 18:55:42 UTC)            
Standard Input Array 2.0 beta 27   foo_jesus.dll (2010-09-23 09:34:06 UTC)            
Autosave & Autobackup 10           foo_out_asio.dll (2022-09-19 12:21:32 UTC)            
ASIO Output 2.2                           foo_out_upnp.dll (2022-08-29 16:32:58 UTC)            
UPnP MediaRenderer Output 1.4   foo_playlisthistory.dll (2017-08-30 00:13:24 UTC)            
Playlist History 0.1.6                    foo_queuecontents.dll (2012-08-29 01:29:16 UTC)            
Queue Contents Editor 0.5.1            foo_quicktag.dll (2022-09-22 19:42:02 UTC)            
Quick Tagger 1.1.1                            foo_ramdisk.dll (2016-02-12 05:41:11 UTC)            
RAM-Disk 1.0                                    foo_texttools.dll (2022-09-16 11:00:30 UTC)            
Text Tools 1.1                                    foo_ui_std.dll (2023-03-15 18:55:42 UTC)            
Playlists Dropdown 0.7.6                    foo_uie_playlists_dropdown.dll (2017-01-30 18:19:39 UTC)            
ZIP/GZIP/RAR/7-Zip Reader 2.0 beta 27              foo_unpack.dll (2023-03-15 18:55:42 UTC)            
LHA reader 1.13                           foo_unpack_lha.dll (2017-03-18 05:19:46 UTC)            
Album List 2.0 beta 27                   Decoding Speed Test 2.0 beta 27            
Default User Interface 2.0 beta 27       File Integrity Verifier 2.0 beta 27            
Core (2023-03-15 18:56:00 UTC)       foobar2000 core 2.0 beta 27            
 FFmpeg Decoders 5.1                       Monkey's Audio Decoder 8.70      

Is there a wavepack plugin for foobar

I used commandline which converted it to a .wav format file - which would be a last resort (and quite a lot of perhaps unnecessary work) - if whatever component which listed all these .iso files never is made to work again with V2.

I am now reluctant to go back to V1 because I tried that a few months ago and the entire database was corrupted and an bunch of things were not working any more. I then had to go back to a very old install and update and configure everything to bring things back to normal        
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Playlist Organizer (aka foo_plorg) replacement on Jscript Panel 3
Last post by antares -
Hi etip,
its getting closer and closer to perfection! Thank you for your time-consuming job!

Two minor suggestions concerning design:

1. Folder and playlists have exactly the same outline. To ease distiction it would be more skillful to indent playlists to the right and give them a shorter outline. Example (see screenshot): the outline of the playlist „Live“ should be indented and should have a shorter outline than the folder „Default“. In addition, replace the folder-symbol by short arrows to indicate open and collapsed folder (see my 2nd screenshot in reply #8).

2. When selecting a folder or playlist, fonts mandatory gets bold. This might get obstructive as soon as you use small fonts, because fonts get blurry when they are small and bold. So leave them normal or give a choice.

Support - (fb2k) / Unrecoverable playback error
Last post by Paladin33 -
What the hell does this even mean? I've tried setting the output to 16, 24, and 32 bit and this exact error keeps popping up.

Unrecoverable playback error: Unsupported stream format: 44100 Hz / 24-bit / 2 channels (0x3)

This came about by wanting to play music in foobar through my Bluetooth headphones while my main speakers are connected to the primary sound device. This is on Windows 10 fwiw.
Opus / Re: Help with sample rate issue
Last post by Octocontrabass -
Is it ok to:

1. Feed Opus a 20 ms frame of audio sampled at 46875;
2. Lie to it that it's actually sampled at 48000;
3. On the PC side, decode the Opus bytes as if the audio was originally 48000;
4. Use a proper resampling algorithm to actually make it 48000?
You can do that, but the encoder's psychoacoustic model assumes you've told it the correct sample rate, so it will work better the closer you get to the actual sample rate. You should use 48387 (off by 0.8%) instead of 46875 (off by 2.4%).
AAC - Tech / How to repair a bad Exhale xHE-AAC audio file
Last post by degarb -
Every now and then I get bad m4a files that are corrupt, but seem to be of the correct size.  Also, no sign of audio playback interruptions.

I am using Exhale for the recordings, which are typically 8 to 20 hours, more or less.

So far, only foobar2000 can play the xHE-AAC, although this is now the standard audio format for  Android and Apple.  I use it because the audio sounds better and transparent at 24 kps for the spoken word, than the grainy Opus files, which is impossible to get rid of under 32 kps.     Usually the files get corrupted if the recording session is interrupted prematurely.  But if I see 11 hours worth of mb is present in a 12 hour recording, I would rather use a tool to uncorrupt the m4a and record the final hour or 20 minutes, rather than trying again from the start.

VLC and foobar, can't convert these corrupt files.  I have tried another program called kernel, which couldn't do it.  So, I am doomed to restart the recording from the start, which can knock back another 24 hours of recording time.

As far as I know, exhale (last checked in late December), could only encode a wav of so many samples per wav, and nothing else.