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Creation of HOWTO Guides for Foobar Wiki


I propose creating guides for questions that are FREQUENTLY asked in the forum such as:

a. How to properly tag compilations
b. How to show artwork
c. How to Guess tags (basics, just to show an example of how the thing works)
d. How to add "Added" tag information
e. How to create autoplaylists

The answes to some of the questions mentioned above already exist in the Foobar2000 FAQ but the problem is that it is quite ineffective without screenshots, and also quite difficult to follow when written in a paragraph form (as opposed to a list format.)

So, I think creating guides in seperate pages, which are then linked to the FAQ would be quite useful.

Any ideas (regarding either suggestions for the guide, or about the structure of the guide itself) are welcome.

Creation of HOWTO Guides for Foobar Wiki

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  • Define "Error Flushing File."
    That is the most annoying message and it makes no sense most of the times that it happens. Also, possible fixes for why one receives that error.
  • Custom conversion parameters.
    I like to take control of the conversion parameters. It gets really frustrating seeing "Error Flushing File" when you can see WavPack created the files correctly with piping, but then don't see the error message without piping.
OP can't edit initial post when a solution is determined  :'-(