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Vorbis Comments and Sort Order

Is there any "official" Vorbis comment that can be used to control the order that albums are presented?

For example, consider the two Beatles albums "Rubber Soul" and "Revolver". The Vorbis comment ALBUM will cause them to be presented in the wrong chronological order. In my Squeezebox system, the LMS server accepts another comment "ALBUMSORT", and I can set these as, say, "1965 Rubber Soul" and "1966 Revolver", which results in them being displayed in the correct order.

But I've noticed that other Vorbis players (eg. the radio in my car) don't seem to take any notice of this (presumably non-standard) ALBUMSORT comment.

So is there some other Vorbis comment that all players are expected to recognise that would do the  same trick?