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Plugin titling on the wiki

I propose changing the current titling system for the plugins on the wiki.

Currently, it's something like "Foobar2000:0.9 ATSurround Processor (foo dsp atsurround)". Problem is, it does not look good when the categories system fall in place. If you check out e.g. here, it looks okay because there is the "Foobar2000:" prefix on each article title.

However, if the WikiMedia is upgraded (which I allude to in this thread), the prefix might disappear; in this case the article titles on this page will be "0.9 blablabla", which doesn't look good.

Granted, the sorting system can be forced to sort on a custom sorting key, but still it doesn't look good.

Plugin titling on the wiki

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As posted in the other thread the namespace prefix will stay afaik no matter what we do.