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A Serendipitous Way of Exploring the HA Wiki

As I was busy ogling a picture of a beautiful anthropomorphic feline character  ... a thought crosses my mind.

I think many members of HA is willing to use and/or contribute to HA Wiki. However, they do not know where to start.

Please be reminded of the "Random Page" facility, which is the 6th link on the topmost box of the left column in the Wiki. Click on it, and voila! You are transported to a random page! You can learn a lot... so read, and if possible, contribute! (You need permission to edit, go ask Jan S. about it)

For your convenience:
Click here to go to a random page from HA Wiki (opens in new window)

If you don't really want to have permission but want to contribute anyway, well just check the page's history tab, and PM one of the guys/gals editing the page. Or, you can PM me and I'll contact one of the guys/gals... you get the idea.

Another way is to use the "Recent Changes" facility. This is great especially to keep up with recent developments in digital audio world. Well, at least, developments in HA Wiki  . The link is just above the aforementioned "Random Page" link.

For your convenience:
Click here to see recent changes to the HA Wiki (opens in new window)

There you go. Enjoy the Hydrogenaudio Knowledgebase!

Back to my ogling...