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Burn using WavPack embedded Cue

Burn using WavPack embedded Cue

I usually use Nero for burning and know how to use a Cue Sheet to burn an image like a CDimage.ape, CDimage.flac, etc. inorder to get tracks instead of one big track for a whole album.

I am new to WavPack. Using Speek's Wavpack GUI with no special instructions I decompressed a CDImage.wv.wv to a CDImage.wv.wav.

There was no .wvc file (not needed, lossless .wv file I guess) nor was their a .cue file.

If I try burning CDImage.wv.wv or the decompressed CDImage.wv.wav I'm going to get one big track.

On a hunch I drag the CDImage.wv.wv file into foobar2000 and Holy Cow, there are the individual 12 tracks properly named for playing.

Fairly new to foobar2000 as well, but I use it to convert and don't check output single file and once again, Holy Smoke, foobar2000 produces 12 numbered .wav files.

The thing is, I could burn this with Nero and manually type in the artist and track info so I get CD-TEXT burnt and can later create a Jewel Case using Roxio without typing the track info in, but I figure there must be a better way.

If I was using foobar2000 to convert to mp3 files, I hope there would be a way to create mp3 tags based on the info in the WavPack embedded cue file.

Is there a way to do this with foobar2000 for mp3 ??

Anyhow this time around I am NOT creating mp3 but plan to burn to disk, with Nero, unless there is an easier way.

Since .wav files do not have tags (they don't do they?) foobar would have to output a standalone cue file to go up against the original CDImage.wv.wv, or a single decompressed CDImage.wv.wav, or maybe create a PLAYLIST, which Nero will understand and use to burn the foobar outputted individual numbered .wav files, but with CD-TEXT of performer and song title.

Pardon my cross post in advance, but there are two forums that mention WavPack here in Hydrogen Audio, and of course the foobar forum here too.

By the way, are there any other foobar2000, or Wavpack forums?