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Java Ogg Vorb Encoder and ogg Vorb file concat


I am pretty much new to Sound stuff. I have been hunting and going through lot of materials for past one week. I am in the process of learning lot of basic and fundas relating to sound and DSP. I am kind of interested in knowing more about it. On the otherside i am doing a feasibility study for recording voice to a particular format (specifically Ogg Vorbis) on the fly from a telephone line or a mic. I have figured out the kind of feasibility (available apis + products and have few code to test) to play, stream Ogg Vorbis files. I am basically a Java Developer and don't have much experience with other programming languages, but can very well understand C and C++.
1. Is there any java based api's to capture audio and save it directly to Ogg Vobris format.
2. If i have many chunks of OGG Vorbis files, how can i join them and play them as a single file.

For Question 2
I saw in some mail threads that:
cat file1.ogg file2.ogg > file3.log
Would do. When i played file3.ogg in Audacity it plays till file1.ogg the second piece file2.ogg audio is not played. file3.ogg size = (file1.ogg + file2.ogg) size
In the first place i don't understand how it is supposed to work.

I am looking of Java API's or writing new one's if it is not available. I am new to Java Sound and JMF.
But i have been going through lot of resources in Jresources and tritonous
I looked at lot of stuff in jcraft and Jzoom.

Can someone let me know what i am missing?
Good links and pointers are highly appreciated.

Vijay Venkataraman

Java Ogg Vorb Encoder and ogg Vorb file concat

Reply #2
Yes encoding support is not available. I am verifying, if any body could atleast get me started with the encoding effort. What are the thing i should know to get stated on with the encoding work. I am not sure, why no one has come up with the encoding part of it.

Is there any limitations?

Vijay Venkataraman