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Ogg vorbis in 1CD DivX movies

What about to encode audio with ogg vorbis for 1 CD Divx movies instead of using lame mp3's like:

--abr 1XX -h --nspsytune --athtype 2 --lowpass (17-18) --ns-bass -8 -Y

Has it sense???? Because the audio quality of ogg vorbis at medium bitrates seems to be comparable or better than mp3, How about to encode tracks at 100-140kbps with Ogg?



Ogg vorbis in 1CD DivX movies

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It has and can be done. It is just a little involved, messy, and Ingo has stated that it might not be compatable with the future release of his directshow vorbis filters. Works fine for now and under Linux also. You simply have to replace all the DLL files in the nandub dir with ogg or vorbis in their name with their matches from the Vorbis RC2 Win32 SDK. Synch is perfect. And it still seems to be working for me in AVI even though 0.6 says no AVI. The ony problem arrises when you seek in the movie, then the sound totally cuts out. But I did a 1CD rip of AKIRA with 96Kbps ABR Vorbis and it looks and sounds great!

Ogg vorbis in 1CD DivX movies

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... Neo, the fearless DivX/Ogg crusader  !!

Hopefully Nic will get some help soon to get his Nandub modification to mux Ogg RC3 and AAC streams done .... i tried to organize something here ....  !!

Ogg vorbis in 1CD DivX movies

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If only I had better coding skills I would love to help out. Jump on it even. As always I have never stopped learning. But I have yet to find any usefull docs or tutorials on coding DLLs or sharred binaries and how to use them in programs that is not MSVC specific. I have MSVC I just do not like it. I much prefer standard or ANSI compliant portable compilers like gcc, mingw, and cygwin.

Ogg vorbis in 1CD DivX movies

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I have seen non MSVC DLL source. I just don't have a good understanding of the functions and the DLL basics. Once past that I could worry about expoting whole class structures. I just need the basics first. I guess I will just have to save up for another book as there is no readily availible decent documentation.


Ogg vorbis in 1CD DivX movies

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The only time I use C is for simple stuff usually less than 50 lines of code with very little code re-use. Otherwise it is C++ all the way. Classes are quite cool and make code recycling quite easy and efficient. Not to mention function and method overloading. Ok actually they are prety much the same thing.  I just have to teach myself the in's and out's of DLL programming. The Ming and CGwin compilers I have come with G++ so compiling C++ is not a problem. I remember back in the mid to late 80's when I was in middle school. My mother was taking computer science at the time. She had heard about that persnikity C language. She said it was dangerous and would destroy our 286. I had to sneek a C compiler onto the sys. :rofl: It sure was a hell of alot easier than using full assembly language! And I was getting quite annoyed with Basic.