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MAD version 0.14.0b is now available

Highlights of this release include:

  - a new ID3 tag manipulation library implementation
  - a new dithering algorithm for (hopefully) even better sound quality
  - keyboard controls for `madplay' (see the man page for details)
  - a fix for `madplay' segfaults on files that are a multiple of 4K
  - improved code portability, and new MSVC++ project files
  - other various small code improvements

The new dithering algorithm is intended to address the slight audio
deficiencies of the old one. It should produce better sound in theory, but
your ears are the best judge. Please test it and share your feedback. (with Rob Leslie)

The source code is here:

The plug-in for Winamp is here:

MAD version 0.14.0b is now available

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Looks like not much has been changed:

Changes since 0.14.0b:
- none visible; the plug-in is now linked with the new libid3tag library, which will eventually enable full ID3v2 support

At the usual places, home page at

Have fun with it,
Ge Someone.
In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.

MAD version 0.14.0b is now available

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