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Wiki Knowledge base basic questions

If I understood well, the HydrogenAudio knowledge base is a webpage to which anyone can contribute.

It would be useful to give a short "how to" about it.

I found the two first steps :
1 - Register
2 - Learn the formatting language at

But I miss the next ones :

3 - How to create a new article ? Must it be posted in a temp directory and reviewed by an administrator ?
4 - Is there a list of the WikiWords ?

Wiki Knowledge base basic questions

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I made this guide to the formatting:

3.: you have to create a link on another page. if you write [AAC] etc. you will get
"AAC?" on the page and when you click the ? you will be making the new page.
If you create links the other ways listed in my guide they appear as normal links but if page is empty you are prompted to make it (wanna create this page?).

4.: not really. this comes closest:

Wiki Knowledge base basic questions

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Thank you !
Creating the link first and then the page was the trickiest part 


Wiki Knowledge base basic questions

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D'oh !
Stupid newbie mistake (and the question was already answered...).