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DSP Filter design software?


Can someone please recommend me a good Digital Filter design software? May be I'm asking something impossible, but if it could be free software, will be perfect.

Thank you.

DSP Filter design software?

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I'm not sure how specifically based on filter design you want the program to be, but a good piece of mathematical software like Matlab (expensive) or Octave (free, but runs on Linux) can do all sorts of filter design. I am not aware of dedicated programs for DSP filter creation. I am also interested, though.

DSP Filter design software?

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SynthMaker would be another approach

DSP Filter design software?

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How about a good old stream of ints in C++ or Java. Is there anything to wish for?

DSP Filter design software?

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Scilab may be a possibility ...

Scilab website

DSP Filter design software?

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I can also recommend Octave. Try to get a recent version (>= 3.0). The filter design functions (among other things) used to be in a seperate project called "octave-forge" but as far as I can tell they merged it into Octave. It's pretty much the same as Matlab's DSP toolbox.

Off the top of my head: remez, butter, cheby, levinson, ellip, sinc, blackman, ... :-)

DSP Filter design software?

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Some alternatives that I am also aware of include:

Command-line style, so requires a bit more figuring out and I guess a bit clunkier to interact with:

1. Gnu Octave - (
2. SciPy - (
3. Scilab - (
4. Matlab - ( (Not free. Maybe in the $2000-$3000 range once you get the software and the required toolboxes etc).

Interactive - Easier to figure out and provides better feedback between the user and the design:

1. MicroModeler DSP - (  - Web based, graphical, interactive. Looks pretty good.
2. WinFilter - (  - Windows based, graphical, interactive.
3. MkFilter - (  - Web based, CGI style
4. ScopeFIR/ScopeIIR - (  - Windows based, graphical, interactive. $300-$600 range.
5. NI LabVIEW Digital Filter Design Toolkit - (  - Windows, Graphical, only works with labview  ($3195.62) + Toolkit ($1035)