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Changed MP3 tags back up

I have all my music stored on a internal hard drive "D" drive
Each night free file sync creates a mirror back up to an external hard drive "H" drive

Ive recently started DJing with the portable H drive and using the comments field to store genre information (Using comments suits me for a few reasons)

The problem is when i add information to the comments field on mp3s on the D drive, free file sync doesn't see it as a modified file so it doesn't copy the newly tagged file over to the H drive.

This morning i have tried Jampal, free supersync and Mp3tagCompleteTags with no luck.

Can anybody recommend a back up program that will notice changed tags, and back up the file?

Many Thanks for your time in advance.

Re: Changed MP3 tags back up

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I'm haven't used the sync software you're using so I may not be the best person to reply but here goes...
Have you looked at the options for all the programs you're currently using?
Looks like 3 different comparison variants available in FreeFileSync
1. Compare by File time and size.
File size would likely remain unchanged after a tag edit. A fixed/padded tag block allows tags to be changed without rewriting the whole file.
Some tagging programs have an option to prevent timestamps from being modified. MP3Tag for example
If the timestamp and the file size are unchanged, the files are considered equal in this variant.

2. Compare by File content checks for identical content and would likely catch a tag edit but bit-by-bit compare could be slow and probably not what you're using.

3. Compare by File size (see File size in #1).

Re: Changed MP3 tags back up

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Many thanks for the help, it seems Virtual DJ was screwing things up a bit. All sorted now.

Thanks again