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Car Radio - OGG Vorbis Support?

i am looking for a car radio supporting the ogg vorbis codec but have not found an up to date device so far. i know that vorbis support is not very common these days and often it is not mentioned or promoted, even though the device is capable of playing back ogg files.

do you have some recommendations for me?

p.s.: is it true that kenwood devices support ogg?

Re: Car Radio - OGG Vorbis Support?

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I recently got a Kenwood reveiver (DDX594) and it does NOT support OGG Vorbis. It does, however support FLAC flawlessly (reads the tags, displays the album art, everything). With flash memory so cheap (256 GB thumb drives for under $50!!!!) my days of converting to MP3 may be over.

Re: Car Radio - OGG Vorbis Support?

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@o-l-a-v: yes, that seems to be the only way to go. i guess a car stereo featuring 'Android Audio Modus AOA 2.0' is simply not enough to playback ogg files from an usb-stick or sdcard. you either need a device inlcuding a screen (definitely not after it) and/or a smartphone connected to your car stereo, right?

@2814-6890: flac would be an option indeed, but i listen a lot to spacious audiobooks and many devices are still limited to an absurd low storage capacity + big capacity sticks/sdcards are much more expensive in europe. another downside, syncing flacs to sdcards is much more time consuming than compact ogg files are (q 0.0 is just ok for audiobooks).

anyway, if you know of a device with ogg support, please let me know.

Re: Car Radio - OGG Vorbis Support?

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I'm not sure you'll find a "classic" car radio with Vorbis support. I was buying one recently and I've never seen Vorbis mentioned. But AAC is a pretty good alternative to it and many car stereos can play that. (edit: I thought you meant Opus at first, but the same still applies, to an extent.)

An Android-based radio would play anything you want, but from what I've seen, those are only sold by "no name" Chinese companies of dubious quality...
Android Auto, AFAIK, is just an interface/mirror mode for your phone, and you can only use a limited amount of Google-approved apps with it and so far only through USB.
I have to say this is quite disappointing. I had high hopes for what a full Android OS could enable, but legit manufacturers seem unwilling to give it to customers, for whatever reason. (Maybe it's a matter of safety and they don't want people watching videos while driving...)

You can still connect a phone to a regular car stereo, though, via Bluetooth, USB or AUX. Bluetooth/USB might also support controlling the playback with the radio's buttons and/or the steering wheel controls.

I think the lack of gapless playback is an even bigger problem with car stereos... I'd like to see a list of stereos that support that.

Oh and:,29933.0.html

Re: Car Radio - OGG Vorbis Support?

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vorbis has been my lossy codec of choice for so many years, but you are right about android devices. with opus getting more and more popular, i hoped for a wide range of radios offering opus support. this to me seemed much more realistic than an ogg car radio in 2018. after all, the status of opus (hardware) is even more exotic than ogg ever was i think :)

i guess i will concentrate on a classic car radio with support for flac & high sdcard capacities then. this seems way more practical than a smartphone in combination.

concerning the lack of gapless playback, it is indeed a plague, especially when listening to (seamless) audiobooks.

thinking about what is important for me when looking for a new classic car radio:

+ should not be too expensive (under 100euros)
+ vorbis or opus codec support (incl tags)
+ good handling (intuitive way of selecting files/folders) / nice arrangment of buttons (skip, seek, mute)
+ clean interface / screen (no fancy blinking stuff, option to turn off ->> light on resources)

would be nice to have: gapless playback

well, that's it i think :)

Re: Car Radio - OGG Vorbis Support?

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i feel a bit insecure asking for this, but... how to change the title of this thread?

Re: Car Radio - OGG Vorbis Support?

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I got a Sony XAV 100, my friends android phone could play Vorbis on it. I had a few cheap Android units - they were a burden. Cheap and nasty.


Re: Car Radio - OGG Vorbis Support?

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This thread makes me think of Android Auto. (Notice that I'm talking about Android Auto, not Android head units, they are two different things). Makes me wish that there were more affordable head units with Android Auto support considering that their electronics shouldn't be any more expensive than a cheap Android head unit. This would solve all the above needs of the OP. I guess the market is not yet mature enough for affordable options, but I would keep an eye on them. I noticed some people doing simple DIY units consisting of a pretty cheap but good display and a Raspberry Pi and the results actually make me want to try them myself. I think I'm going to do one of those DIY solutions and I'll tell you the results.