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OGG or MP3

I have a new computer with  a SSD 256 go. Later i have to buy a external HDD.
But now i can't listen Flac. I have to choose between mp3 or ogg.
i have already done some test. I think ogg is better at q8 (256 kps) than mp3 v0. I can ABX lame V0 on 10-12 songs.
It is a placebo effect or ogg is really better ?

My system:
speakers: Monitor Audio Silver Rs8
ampli: Cambridge Audio Azur 851
dac: Cambridge Audio Dac Magic Plus.

Sorry for my bad english,



Re: OGG or MP3

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With the bitrate range you are thinking of you can seriously consider to use mp3.
Universal usability is mp3's advantage.
If you can ABX lame -V0 on 10 songs your hearing must be excellent. I recently developped a Lame 3.99.5 variant (lame3995o) which has a special quality parameter -Qx which takes special care of those rare samples where standard Lame struggles a little bit.
I'd be pleased if you could try to ABX lame3995o -Q1 (224 kbps on average as with -V1), -Q0.5 (261 kbps on average as with -V0), or -Q0 (317 kbps on average) on your songs. Maybe you will find a setting which totally satisfies you. ;)
lame3995o -Q1.7 --lowpass 17