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Topic: Does Ogg Vorbis offer any advantages over Ogg Opus? (Read 77108 times) previous topic - next topic
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Re: Does Ogg Vorbis offer any advantages over Ogg Opus?

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Opus is obviously better but I still use Vorbis (lateset aotuv q4) on my Rockboxed Sansa devices because it's a lot easier on software decoding.

Unfortunately, there are two problems with current Sansa devices.

Sandisk is basically out of the music player business.  They're just reselling some random OEM's product in the USA with their label on it.  You get whatever that random company was selling. 

2. They probably couldn't play Vorbis even if it was because Sandisk cut the RAM on them to just enough to decode MP3, WMA, and AAC, and one of the sticking points with Vorbis was that it requires a lot more RAM to unpack the vector codebook that resides at the beginning of each file.

Since I spent a lot of time working on the memory usage of all of these decoders, I feel like I should chime in :)  Vorbis memory usage is not dramatically different than AAC.  They're both large, and they both need a lot of memory up front.  This is why the Sandisk players with limited memory can only decode AAC files up to 10 minutes long or something like.  Vorbis support would also be possible, but those players have simple 16 bit DSP cores for decode rather than real CPUs, and the DSP core vendor only provides a few decoders since they're not meant to be general purpose devices. 

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