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Help: EAC CD-Text


I want to get information from the CD.

I have "CD-Text Read capable drive" checked in Drive Options -> Drive
I click Database -> Get CD-Information From -> CD-Text, but nothing happens.

A pop-up is supposed to appear with "Warning - All of the current CD will be deleted! Do you really want to continue [Yes/No]", and it would proceed get the correct information.

My drive is capable, the laptop is new and I did have it copying CD-Text before. The CD does have valid information; Windows Media Player and iTunes can get information from the CD.

Your help is much appreciated

Help: EAC CD-Text

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How do you know for certain that those programs aren't getting the information from those discs from an online database?

CD-Text being on just any random title is hardly a given.

Help: EAC CD-Text

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I ripped a number of CDs. At the beginning of using EAC, the majority of the CD-text was obtainable. After changing certain settings trying to fix separate problem (which is now fixed), CD text does not get information from the CDs at all.

I recognize that iTunes and Windows Media Player may get information from an online database. Nevertheless, EAC had been able to get information from CD-text, and now does not. I've ripped over 20 CDs since changing the settings, and EAC has not been able to get the information.

Help towards this issue would be appreciated.

Help: EAC CD-Text

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AFAIK, the only setting that should make a difference is "CD-Text Read capable drive" in the Drive Options, Drive tab.

Just to be clear, you are using Database > Get CD Information From > CD-TEXT ?

Are these commercial CDs? CD-Text is pretty rare. I haven't looked at all of mine, but the only one I ever saw that had CD-Text, the text was of questionable quality, and in all caps.

Help: EAC CD-Text

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Thank your for your reply, mjb.

Yes, I am using Database -> Get CD Information From -> CD-TEXT

These CDs that I am ripping are commercial CDs, they're well-known (ex. Bruno Mars, Eminem, Maroon 5, Deadmau5, etc).


Help: EAC CD-Text

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I'm having the same issue. EAC correctly recognizes that my drive can read and write CD-TEXT, and all of the relevant options are selected. However, the CD-TEXT on my burned CDs is not being recognized by EAC! I have confirmed the presence of CD-TEXT on this burned discs using Nero on my PC, xACT on a friend's MAC, and even on a car stereo unit that displays CD-TEXT. In all three tests, CD-TEXT shows up. Yet when I open the CD using EAC, no CD-TEXT is displayed nor does the "Database>Get CD information from>CD-TEXT" work.

I've looked around and seem to have found many forum posts describing a similar problem. Has anyone sorted this one out yet?

Help: EAC CD-Text

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I just tested a CD-R with CD-Text in v1.1.
No warning as the OP stated in post#1.
I had to Shift+Del to clear the current CD information (stored from the previous rip of the original CD) before I could confirm that "Database>Get CD information from>CD-TEXT" was loading the CD-Text.
Otherwise it appeared not to work at all.

Help: EAC CD-Text

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Thanks for testing it out korth, and sorry for the late reply, especially considering how quickly you replied to my post!

I tested out your solution in my own system with no success. I should state that I'm running EAC on a Macbook Pro from 2013 using Parallels, if that changes anything. I had a friend test it out on his machine, a Toshiba laptop running Windows 8, and he had the same result. He also has EAC setup with all CD-TEXT options selected, so that's not the issue at hand.

It's puzzling because I know EAC has read my CD-Rs correctly in the past. I wonder if this is an issue introduced in the latest beta version?

Help: EAC CD-Text

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So it worked in a previous version of EAC on the same Macbook Pro from 2013 using Parallels?

I've now tested on 3 Windows desktops with different make/model CD-TEXT capable drives running EAC V1.1 or EAC V1.0 beta 6.
All worked with burned CD-R or commercial CD with CD-TEXT.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

Help: EAC CD-Text

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Actually you were more helpful than you gave yourself credit for. I wasn't aware that EAC had been updated to 1.1! In fact, I was still using 1.0 beta 3. I updated my EAC to 1.1 and CD-TEXT now works correctly! Thanks for letting me know on that one. I'll have my friend update his machine as well and will report back the results.


Re: Help: EAC CD-Text

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@mjb2006, Reply #3,
Thank you. That fixed it for me.  :D

Re: Help: EAC CD-Text

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Hey everyone!

Sadly, none of the things mentioned here helped me..
My previous software of choice was the audio converter included in AIMP (the audio player I use).
But after discovering errors in my ripped files pretty late, EAC's error detection seemed like just the thing I need. Annoyingly, EAC just can't seem to recognize the CD-Text on the Disc I am trying to rip.

I know for a fact that my drive supports CD-Text and that the CD I'm trying to rip has it. Both the player and ripper in AIMP recognize it correctly, and AIMP does not add any tags on its own. WMP with the WMPCDtext plugin is also able to read the CD-Text.
Hoping someone has an idea what the cause might be.