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Project Mayhem Goes Public!!

Ok... here it is, after much anticipation (I think? ) Project Mayhem is finally open to the public!  Feel free to tell all your friends about the site, start all kinds of discussions on the forums, e-mail me about how nifty the site is  or just whatever else you'd like to do here.

A few quick items:

1.  The FAQ doesn't really have any content yet, it will soon.

2.  I have not decided on any "official" Forum Rules yet.  This means use your good judgement and don't do something stupid  The one rule I *will* specify now is that there is to be NO ILLEGAL SOFTWARE allowed on the forum.  DO NOT post links to pirated software, doing so will most likely result in the removal of your account.

3.  The Web Links and Download sections are still being constructed.  Most of the critical programs are linked to but there are many more that will probably be added shortly.

4.  The Technical Articles section is currently being revamped but will also be up shortly.  It will allow people to submit articles they have written to be stored on the site.  I think it should allow for some interesting possibilities.

5.  Users can suggest news items to be submitted to the main page by posting in the news forum.  The items will not be added however until they have been reviewed by an admin or moderator of the news forum.  Since I cannot possibly know everything happening in the audio encoding world, this should allow for more news coverage.

6.  Users can suggest Web Links and Downloads in a similar fashion, simply head to that section of the site and make a submission, it will be subject to moderation, and if it is deemed appropriate it will be added to the respective section.  For programs which are being constantly updated I suggest people submit a web link to their homepage.  For a one shot deal, a download is appropriate.

7.  The spell checker I have added to allow you to check your posts may not function correctly with browsers other than Internet Explorer or Netscape.  I am sorry about this but there isn't much I can do to change it.

I think that just about covers it.  If you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc.. don't hesitate to post them in the General section in the Project Mayhem Forum.  You can also e-mail me at [a href=''][/a] or better yet you can come to #project_mayhem on (or just click on the chat button up top) and talk to me about it.

Oh, and for everyone that is wondering what Hydrogen Audio is exactly, it is a collection of open source, cross platform audio tools that are being worked on.  At the moment there isn't much to show, but hopefully that will change soon

Anyway, enough talk for now.. enjoy the site