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FLAC / Re: script to update all music library to 1.3.2
Last post by includemeout -
Is it actually worth bothering reconverting to a newer FLAC version?
Exactly my thoughts. So, am still wondering why bother.
p.s. I did warn this was going to be funny. Very funny.
Not just funny: pathetic.

And such ludicrous display as the one we've seen, makes me think this is not the last we'll hear from the placeboland inmates, as more are prone come here and try to erm, "prove" their point, so as to speak.

I've installed  foo_input_ffmpeg  (I see it in components)
Now What I have to do to play for example this stream:


foo_input_ffmpeg documentation is here

In short:
1. Install foo_input_ffmpeg component.
2. Install ffmpeg standalone binaries.
3. From foobar2000 Preferences , go to Playback > Input > FFmpeg Decoder Wrapper and
3a. specify the ffmpeg/ffprobe binaries location and
3b. checkbox enable format HLS with file type mask http://*.m3u8;https://*.m3u8
4. From foobar2000 main menu go to File > Add location and add the url
5. Play and enjoy.

I've installed  foo_input_ffmpeg  (I see it in components)
Now What I have to do to play for example this stream:


I've installed  foo_input_ffmpeg (I see it in components)
Now What I have to do to play for example this:

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by MojoBass -
In JS use
Great, that works (as well for aac from youtube)! Thanks very much!
OP, there is some misunderstanding here but I am struggling to explain so here's a solution...

If your only upload options are WAV/AIFF or FLAC then you need to convert the WAV files to a smaller wordsize (# of bits) and sample rate.  If they aren't already mono, you need to make them so.  This will dramatically lessen their size.  Here is an article that discusses how you do this:

You end up with new WAV files that are a fraction of the size of the originals.  If still not small enough, you can FLAC them but specify 8-bit output; this will cut the size in half.  If these sermons are primarily spoken word, the results should sound fine.

BTW, how long are these sermons anyway?  Ordinary WAV in mono should give you over an hour within 291MB.  If the sermons are longer than that, you might consider breaking them into parts to make it more convenient for people to download.
General Audio / Re: Tidal: Yes or no?
Last post by shadowking -
This is all bordering FUD. I can see a limited market for these services:

Lossless by itself cannot be faulted as it doesn't add anything to the source . Whether the stream source is 'compromised' remains to be proven. Its certainly possible but I would think a lossless provider has quality and QA in mind .  Can't trust them? Well then you can't trust anything but buying a CD. Why don't you email and ask them ???

No one can simply decide for everyone that 'they can't hear a difference' That is false. Its certainly is possible as we are talking loss compression . With lossless you get total guarantee the source isn't further degraded.

As I mentioned in the paradise radio thread , non-mobile  internet plans are often unmetered and of no concern when it comes to bandwidth. Most YT vids will likely exceed the bandwidth of a lossless 44.1khz track.  The target of these niche services would not be Spotify crowd .
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by marc2003 -
If the file really is raw AAC then foobar has never supported the length. The solution for local files has always been to wrap them in an m4a container. I have no idea about youtube.

ignore  :P