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email on website is not working mailer daemon says the email doesn't exist

I want to ask him for ESPlaylist source code.
Last update v0.1.3.9 released on (2011/05/28). 13 Years Ago.
He should make it FOSS or give someone the source code


foo_simplaylist was also released 12.5 Years Ago developed by Frank Bicking @FrankBicking;u=2776

Re: contacts ? ESPlaylist source code ?

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I wish a 64bit version of ES-playlist. One of my favorit components

Re: contacts ? ESPlaylist source code ?

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I don't think chottu is still active, but the Channel Spectrum panel seems to be the only component that displays spectrum of multiple channels and there is no other component that do this on Default UI

Because of this, I think it is only fair to recreate this spectrum analyzer from scratch (with 64-bit support and Default UI compatibility of-course). Doesn't have to be @Crossover or you, could be anyone


Re: contacts ? ESPlaylist source code ?

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...Channel Spectrum...

You mean this ?
No, I meant the stereo spectrum in side-by-side with left channel being mirrored or the combined/overlayed one

Re: contacts ? ESPlaylist source code ?

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Seconded! Haven't found any other playlist which includes a search bar that doesn't create playlists for filtering media or similar