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Tagging from foobar
I am new to foobar. How do I tag from foobar?

1. When I am on "album list", and viewing by "album", how can I select an album for tagging? When I right click on an album and select "tagging", my options are to "get tags from freedb", and various pictures options. I don't need need to get tags from freedb. I need to edit the tags manually.

2. In the course of modifying my foobar's theme, I lost my metadata view. How can I get that back?

3. How can I send an album or a track to Mp3Tag for tagging? When I was using Windows Media Player, I can right click on an album or a track, select "open file location", and it will take me to the file location using Windows Explorer. I then right click to send the album or the tracks to Mp3Tag for tags editing. Is there a similar option that would allow me to edit my tags?


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Re: Tagging from foobar
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1. Right-click and select "Properties".

Re: Tagging from foobar
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There's a foobar2000 subforum....

Right Click --> Tagging

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Re: Tagging from foobar
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You can also setup a dedicated tab for tagging using the tagbox plugin.  You then select which fields you want listed for editing.