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Hello, Very nice component, plugin. I would like to control the eq from a different, more tactile, physical ui like Bourns pots versus mouse, keyboard which would take some work on my end to get values, data to the pc, plugin, fb. I thought I'd ask the question before digging into the sdk. Thanks


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Ugh, you'd probably need a HID driver and software that reads potentiometer position and translates this into window messages.
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Ugh, you'd probably need a HID driver and software that reads potentiometer position and translates this into window messages.

Thanks for the reply. Sure, I need to create, update, send the correct message, value (241 steps) for each left, right of the 31 bands. Since preset.xgeq can be imported, msctls_trackbar32xx can be changed with the mouse and values entered directly one at a time I would like to just update all the values, poll faster if possible. That sounds really simplistic after looking at process manager, my windows knowledge is low and I'm just getting started. A separate issue would be defining an acceptable, possible poll interval with the assumption that data from the ui is fast. I can always wish for 'simple' right? Thanks


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1. opinion:

Hi great work on this DSP. It would be great if this quality EQ could be added as an element in a tab. But i would guess that DSP does not allow for that and it would require a different type of component. Another way to do it would be if someone could write a component that allows for dsp plugin configuration to be added as a tab. Then this dsp plugin and others could be used within a tab. For example in Add new UI element, it could have DSP as a section. But only the ones with a configuration option.

I have the same problem with adding of this xgeq equalizer as new UI element on to new "tab" :-( What's this ?
>>> ScreenShot

2. opinion:

Why u have not a EQ presets (EQ pre-configurations) in your ZIP archive ? :-P Anybody may to make and add these presets please ?! ;-) I am too lazy to do it ! :-D


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3. opinion:

The default directory what contains my EQ presets is again and again lost. Because if I am browsing any other directory with other tool from Foobar2K menu, so this directory stay still set up as default (as global) for Foobar2K. And later, when I need to open my EQ preset configuration folder again, so I must browse it on my hard disk :-) Again and again :-) Why in configuration menu of xgeq equalizer is not this option ? To add a specific folder with configuration files (EQ preset configurations) ?


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Just joined this forum especially to say thanks for making this plugin, it's a smash!
The ghosting / smearing of the original foobar EQ sounds awful on headphones, yours sounds super clean, great work sir!


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┬┐Any chances you can publish the source code?

I would love this features:
- Checkbox to quick enable/disable EQ without resetting it.
- Make the dialog non-modal. This way you can rewind and test different EQ on the same audio segment.
- Horizontal lines for guiding.
- Tooltip on sliders to show current dB on a band.
- Maybe also some quick presets.

I could program some of them (if I have some spare time ever) and give you the sources to merge what you consider.
Thanks for the great plugin.


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Yeah I might release the code or at least part of it when I find the time to do a bit of cleanup, but I'm sorry to say that I'm quite busy atm.
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- Checkbox to quick enable/disable EQ without resetting it.
- Maybe also some quick presets.

This and instead of 12db, how about 100. Each way. With just 12db you cannot completely cut out a frequency range - still audible.

Also, the way it is now, you've got to change Mode to select channel. Why would you need two dropdown menus one of which enables the other - you only need one, for channels.

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Thanks! This EQ can give a real boost so there might be no need for a sound-falsing DSP machine. I'm impressed about some songs who do sound astonishingly more detailed now because of a flat frequency response.
There are no serious phase problems referring to the Graphic EQ, aren't there? Are you considering to implement a Linear Phase EQ mode, too?

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DAC still sounds great. What about a PEQ version? Could be the very long lasting solution.
I would like to donate if you do it including all sound advantages of the GEQ...

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Amazing equalizer! I used this to flatten out the bass on my Sennheiser HD 650's and the bass sounds better than I thought was possible.  :o

It gives me more control over the lowest frequencies compared to the standard equalizer in foobar2000.
FLAC -> JDS Labs ODAC/O2 -> Sennheiser HD 650 (equalized)

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Is it possible to adjust values for both left and right channel simultaneously? It is too complicated to experiment with sound and to test it during playback if you have to change values for each channel at a time.


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I suppose we will never get UI element for this great and useful Equalizer? It is sad, because default EQ has so ridiculous frequencies set that it is hard to use it...

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Never mind that half of the built in equalizer's bands are brickwalled on either side.

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Ugh, you'd probably need a HID driver and software that reads potentiometer position and translates this into window messages.

hi xnor,

first off i appreciate your work. really do.

i myself preferred vst plugins for a long time. but with each new version of foobar i guess that vst support is dying out on fb2k.

i am pleased that in consideration of your initial release of this plugin, you are still active (somewhat). hence thats the reason why i reply to this thread.

what is it stopping you from making a 32band geq?

i loved my 32band geq which started from 20hz up to 20khz... thats also mostly the whole spectrum most speakers can deliver. some go lil deeper, some dont. however, i really notice differences when i tweak my 32band geq which goes from 20 over 25, 32, 40 hz to 20khz... why is it that most other equalizers are so limited?

the eqalizer i was using for quite a long time was the TDA eq2032

when you look up google pictures for that term, the very first entrys of that are actually what i am referring to..  like this (re-uploaded to (look the attach at the very bottom of my post)

i really would like to see some native vst plugin support. dunno whats really behind it. maybe they are just not as good as they could be, or what is it really that makes vst support so difficult? i am not a professional when it comes to matters about that. so maybe can give me some insights.

i could imagine, that native vst support will have some licencesing cost coming with it, but i am not sure about that. i rather believe vst itself is dying out since it could never reach the quality of real hardware components which vst tried to replace. but still. i really preffered that one vst plugin tda eq2032 geq in combination with fb2k over any other software there imaginable.

cant really get behind it. it was so much better and really noticeable.

but for your 31band geq, could you make it happen, that i can adjust the eq settings while still being able to control fb2k? like the 18band integrated one.

cheers for all your work and maybe you'll even respond to this kinda crazy posting. i am not native english speaking, so please excuse any wrong grammar

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Maybe not bug, but:
If by accident you give multichannel signal (e.g. 4.0, 5.1, 7.1) to this equalizer when it is in "Stereo" mode, this will result in horrible noise.


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- Checkbox to quick enable/disable EQ without resetting it.

Oh, I just have read the whole thread to see if anybody suggested that. 2015 suggests that no chance for that. Sadface. Otherwise it is great component.

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