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To Admin: Last Edit Has Odd Timestamp

Because of my cheap keyboard, bad typing habits, and et cetera I'm more apt to edit my posts right after submitting. But the time difference between the original and when the edit actually occured is not a few mintes later, it's ahead 8 hours. ??

No big deal, maybe it's nothing. But sometimes odd behaviors indicate other problems, so thought I throw a flag since I noticed it.
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To Admin: Last Edit Has Odd Timestamp

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Probably another bug in IVBoard.

I think most small bugs like this have been fixed well before 1.0 came out, and almost certainly 1.0.1 (which was itself a bug fix).  I'd be surprised something like this would be overlooked.. basically I'm not so sure it's a "bug".

I'll check it out when I have time though.

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