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Topic: [TOS #9] .wv & .wvc files how to convert? (Read 3942 times) previous topic - next topic
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[TOS #9] .wv & .wvc files how to convert?

Hi All,

new user here hope you can help, i have a copy of an album and in the folder i have a list of tracks both in .wv & .wvc format, i want to convert to .flac for my storage and mp3 VBR for my ipod, how do i do this?

I have downloaded wavepack and i have EAC & Foobar on my machine, i have searched but cannot find the answer. I have read somewhere that the WVC files are needed to unpack to lossless, ans i assume the wv files are lossy?

Any help greatly appreciated.



[TOS #9] .wv & .wvc files how to convert?

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Why, didn’t the site from which you purchased these files provide a comprehensive guide to their usage? Oh well, in any case I’m just happy to see the format being adopted by online retailers; that must be very gratifying to Bryant.

foobar2000 can play WavPack by default and can encode using LAME and FLAC if you have the executables. It seems that you’re quite good at sourcing materials online, so I’m sure that you’ll be able to figure it out (perhaps after extending that skill to also include manuals).

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