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Topic: Easy way to convert DTSHD, Dobly TrueHD to Flac? (Read 5249 times) previous topic - next topic
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Easy way to convert DTSHD, Dobly TrueHD to Flac?

well the topic pretty much says it all, i am looking for an easy way to do this lossless conversion without losing bit depth etc.

I am specifically looking for a guide if the process isnt simple gui newb proof.

Easy way to convert DTSHD, Dobly TrueHD to Flac?

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AFAIK the simplest you will get is eac3to plus a GUI for it. There are several GUIs. Maybe ClownBD is one of the easier to use, but I don't use it myself and I have no reason to convert to flac anymore (cause there are decoders for DTS-HD and THD now) so I stopped doing that a long time ago.

For DTS-HD you will need to have Arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre installed though.

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