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Tags - modify and add to *.wv


I don't know how to modify and add fields to an existing *.wv with wavpack. Is it possible with wavpack itself? I am missing only these two commands (i.e. adding or removing cover to an existing *.wv). May be I cannot find this commands. Would be fine to have them also in *.lib ... I didn't find an other command-line tool for only these things.


Tags - modify and add to *.wv

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There's no way to add or remove cover art from an existing WavPack file using the command-line tools. The WvGain program can add or remove replay gain tags, but that's it.

The WavPack library can do it. Implementing this would be fairly easy...just mix and match various components from the WvGain and WavPack command-line programs.

One of my longer-term projects would be to expand the capability of WvGain to more generally function as a command-line tags editor to handle things like you suggest, but it certainly seems like there must be something available that does this (although probably the problem is finding something that handles the binary tags).

Sorry I could not be more helpful! 


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