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Setting color for active item

Hi, i'm setting my foobar using Columns UI. It's ok but i can't set color for active/playing item
I'm looking here Preferences>Display>Columns UI>Colours and Fonts. here there is active item frame but when i set a color it doesn't display (also checked Use custom... checkbox)
Some help?

Setting color for active item

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for coloring active (selected) item, just set colors in Colors and Fonts, and forget about active frame thing

for coloring playing item you should dive in playlist view > globals:

here is sample script example:

Code: [Select]

for it to work you should not use "themed" mode for NGPlaylist

Setting color for active item

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Hi! Thanks for this reply!! but i don't understand where put that code. i'm in Globals window, here i have two "tab"
1) Variables: this field is void
2) Style: here i have this code

Code: [Select]



Setting color for active item

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Cut that code and paste in editor, then backup somewhere.

In global variables tab you define global variables for later usage in style tab or in columns for playlist view

enter this i.e. in variables tab:

Code: [Select]


that paste this in style tab:

Code: [Select]



just to see how it works, so you can browse provided help link from previous post and create something you like

Setting color for active item

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Hi 2E7AH. i want to thank you but i'm totally newbie... i'm not interested to become an expert user of foobar. i only want to change color of the plying item. i've tried what you tell me but i realize more confusion! :S

Setting color for active item

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If you put the code from post #2 in your style tab you should get colored + flickering playing item

And if you like to mess with this things you should take your time - you can't customize your preferences in a day, and this approach is fine IMO as you'll get what's going on instead of using some skin candy which you can only look, hardly change anything or use foobar's features in full potencial

Setting color for active item

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i've already put code from post#2 in style tab. i get a blinking selection i think was wrong... only one thing and i hope not to annoy: how i can remove that blinking?
i have removed it commenting second line (//$if($strcmp($mod(%_time_elapsed_seconds%,2),0),) but i don't know if it's correct

and in this line " $set_style(back,$rgb(255,255,0),$rgb(160,255,0)) " what is the second $rgb? i know the first is the selection color but the second isn't the text color.

Setting color for active item

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isn't it obvious?


Setting color for active item

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it's obvious because i understand it by my test and not by your reply. i think if a person want really help another person should answer more cordially. but it's only my ignorant opinion.

Setting color for active item

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I posted reply by your unedited post, but what's up with your whining? 
I saw couple of your posts asking about skinning and that's why I provided more extensive posts
Suite yourself

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