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What samplerate is enough for speech?

16 000?
32 000?
44 100?

I am recording from stereo -> cassette.

What samplerate is enough for speech?

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Well, the phone system works by sampling at 8kHz... giving you a cutoff of 4kHz. If "phone quality" is ok, then it should be enough.

But then again, just give it a shot with each one. Shouldn't take too long to resample a few times with SSRC... record at 44kHz then resample down until you can't tolerate it anymore.

What samplerate is enough for speech?

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8000Hz should be enough for voice
I used that for some silly talking-multimeter project in 3rd year too.


What samplerate is enough for speech?

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In my opinion 8000Hz is ok, but 16000 is definately quite an improvement, so if you can use 16000 then go for it.

You might want to check out Speex, they have samples at a range of frequencies.

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