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album list panel and NG playlist help wanted!

Hey all, this is my ui:

1st issue: I want to view my tracks by artist in the album list panel, the artists should be sorted alphabetically (which they are atm) while their subcategory, the albums, should be sorted by date (and preferably while not showing the date in the album's name). Think that it's doable? Anyway, this is the script I use for the playlist:
Code: [Select]
$lower(%<artist>%|%album%|[[%discnumber%.]%tracknumber%. ][%track artist% - ]%title%) $upper('['.$ext(%path%)']')

2nd issue: I have alot of multi-cd albums, and I like that the playlist displays the album art only once for all of the album's CDs, but I want some sort of visual aid other than the track numbers (like spacing, or a graphic) where a new CD begins. Here's my grouping script:
Code: [Select]
$rgb(38,36,36)$lower(%artist% - %date% - %album%)
and here's my globals-style script:
Code: [Select]




I don't have a clue what or where to modify to be able to get the effects that I want, 99% of this UI should be credited to kahvitronic, not me (I suck at this, which is why I'm asking you guys!)

Thanks in advance for any advice!

album list panel and NG playlist help wanted!

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1. add %date% before album (you can't hide it): %artist%|[%date%] %album%...

2. customize your grouping script according your tagging

so basically search this forum and CUI wiki, there are lot of examples
and BTW why are you posting default global style script which you commented (//)?

album list panel and NG playlist help wanted!

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Thanks! I didn't know it was a default script, just wanted to be courteous and give as much info as possible, even if it turned out to be excessive... I'll start snooping around for the grouping script then, over and out!

album list panel and NG playlist help wanted!

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Hmm, problem 1 still exists though. The date is showing in the album list and all... but I really only wanted it so that when I add an artist to the playlist I add his/her albums chronologically in the playlist. I'm guessing that when I send the artist to the playlist that albumlist fetches the folders alphabetically anyway, if that's true I'm guessing it won't be fixed unless I rename my folders :<

Maybe this could be fixed in the playlist by some kind of autosort function? Does it exist? Anything is fine, but I prefer not to save my music in playlists, I like on the fly playlists :>

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