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Topic: Winamp doesn't play wv playlist w/ rel path (Read 4856 times) previous topic - next topic
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Winamp doesn't play wv playlist w/ rel path

A folder with wv files, drag them into Winamp's playlist, save the playlist into the same folder: Winamp won't play the files.
This works with mp3, flac etc., but not with Wavpack files.
When saving a playlist into the same folder that holds the music files, Winamp doesn't write the full path, it reads relatively.
If you save the playlist in a different folder, Winamp writes the full path and the playlist works.
In the former case, when you right click a file's playlist entry and have Winamp show the file info, it even correctly shows the full path, but it won't play the file.

So I cannot rip an album and put the playlist file in the same folder - which sux.

I tried to register for the Winamp bug reporting forum several times, but proofed to have an incompatible mindset for the process. So that's how I landed here.
Does anyone have had this experience, is it reproducable on other systems, or is it something with my constellation?

thanks for your time

XPSp3, P4 D805 2.66 GHz, 2GB RAM, Winamp 5.541

Winamp doesn't play wv playlist w/ rel path

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I admit that I have never played around with playlists before, but I was not able to reproduce your problem with winamp 5.571 and WavPack plugin 2.8a, trying both .m3u and .pls playlists. I looked in the playlists with an editor and saw that the filenames were relative, so when the playlist was in the same folder as the files there was no path information at all (and the files played fine). I even played the playlist successfully with VLC (although that doesn't really relate to your question).

Perhaps someone else knows what might be going on here... 



Winamp doesn't play wv playlist w/ rel path

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Thanks for the input.

well, after more experimenting, I don't think this forum is quite the right place to address this. I found an album folder with wavpack files, where everything worked normally.
And I found another one with FLAC files, that showed the described faulty behavior.
Should I find out about the cause of things I'll report it here.


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