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wavpack directshow filter


It could be a known issue, but I didn't find the answer.

The problem is that I can't play high sampled wv files using directshow filter. Standard 16/44 files play without any problem, but according to GSpot program, OS either can't find proper splitter/filter or there is another reason for the error.
Foobar plays such files, so there is no problem with them.

Any idea?


OS: Win XP SP3

wavpack directshow filter

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That's strange. I tried to do the same thing using WMP (also on WinXP SP3) and 24/96 WavPacks play fine, but it can't play the same files expanded to .WAV (although at 16/44 both work fine). What player are you trying this with?

I am using the WavPack DirectShow Filter Decoder and WMP

wavpack directshow filter

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I'vе used several players including WMP and the same version of DirectShow filter as yours.
Could you check what version of splitter is being used for this chain? You can use for that GSpot or GraphEdit.
Also I tried to use FFDSHOW, but it was the same behaviour. And I get the same result on another machine - Win2K3 x64.

wavpack directshow filter

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wavpack directshow filter

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Thanks, bryant.
I get the same properties when I render 16/44 file in Monogram GraphStudio, but if I try to open 24/192 I get an error "Cannot open open file".
Could you check properties of the file source? What opens it? In my case it's quartz.dll.
Maybe you have something else? Or maybe I have something "extra" installed which tries to open this file instead of quartz.dll.


Oh, crap. I can build this chain manually for 24/192 and it works! It means some other filter with higher merit tries to squeeze itself in.
I have just to find which one.

wavpack directshow filter

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This Monogram GraphStudio is pretty powerful program.
Its' Graph Construction Report indicates that after connecting to Default DirectSound Device system continues to build the graph.
Don't know why.

OK. It's probably the end of the story.
WavPack Audio Decoder cannot connect to Default Direct Sound Device despite the fact that my default audio is SB Audigy 2 and decoder can connect to this card directly (in Monogram GraphStudio) an play this 24/192 file.

bryant, maybe you can explain me why it's working on your machine and it's not on mine?

wavpack directshow filter

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bryant, maybe you can explain me why it's working on your machine and it's not on mine?

Unfortunately, I can't. This DirectShow stuff is a little bit of a mystery to me. 

I tried 24/192, and that does not work on my machine by default with either WMP or GraphStudio. However, when I manually changed the output device in GraphStudio from Default DirectShow Device to Conexant HD Audio output then I was able to play the 24/192 track (otherwise it would not let me hook up the path). My uneducated guess is that it's the capability of the final audio render device that is determining what can be played, but I could not figure out how to get WMP to use the HD version.

Perhaps someone with other experience playing hi-res files with DirectShow can chime in?



wavpack directshow filter

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Well, I think this situation is not critical because most of the modern multimedia players allow to choose between WAV and DirectShow output devices.

Unfortunately,my goal to output WavPack to SPDIF is not reached yet. But first I have to do my home work before I can point my finger.

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