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Wavpack support in Mixxx !

Greetings to all ,
I thought some people here might be interested to know I've almost finished adding
WavPack support in Mixxx ( The code is functionnal and available
from launchpad ( ). It will
probably be merged to the trunk eventually, after v1.8 is out , which should be
pretty soon.

It supports mono / stereo /multichannel files (will only open the 2 front channels)
with 8bit unsigned, 16 signed, 24s and 32s (sorry no 32-bit float) . It should work
with lossy or lossless files, but I haven't enabled hybrid .wvc support - I'll wait for
test reports before adding that in.

If you can run bazaar on your system, you're more than welcome to try
out this build !

~Happy new year~

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