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WavPack license


am I as a professional musician allowed to sell own records over the internet in the WavPack format?

I want to offer both lossy and lossless versions of my music and in the latter case I would prefer WavPack for several well considered reasons.

An answer why I do not choose the usual big players as distribution channel you can find on colleagues' web pages, for example here.
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WavPack license

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A bit OT:

[CD's] are recorded on great media that sounds a hundred times better than any .wav or .mp3 or .AAC file.


Anyways, very nice to see artists fight against the big leeches. Good luck. AFAIK, BSD license allows you to do what you're asking.

WavPack license

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Yes, WavPack files can be used for any application, commercial or not, without any obligation.

And thanks for the vote of confidence in choosing WavPack to distribute your music! 


WavPack license

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Thank you very much for your generous license, bryant!


@ Akkurat, thank you for your wishes.
This is HA. Not the Jerry Springer Show.

WavPack license

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so you will be doing digital download? You never received any royalty due to your album sell? I thought artist will get $1 per CD?

WavPack license

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Thank you for your interest, Seeking_Lossless.

I am offering CDs for some time already but I do not want to make the music industry's mistake and wait to long before establishing an online shop. Also I want to be fair to my customers and so I decided to offer both lossy and lossless files (the latter as an equivalent for CDs).

Whether artists get $1 per CD or not: never I will sign one of the big player's oppressive contracts.
This is HA. Not the Jerry Springer Show.

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