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foo_customdb: Custom Database

Reply #75
Thank for the pointer to NTFS symbolic links - I didn't realize that Windows could do that!  Unfortunately, even though I created the symlink to custominfo_sqlite.db, I still get the error messages from foo_playback_custom.

Thanks again for your help.

I didn't say that the customdb component did not work.  I guess that I wasn't unclear.  The foo_playback_custom component uses the db from foo_customINFO, which is customINFO_sqlite.db.  What I was wondering is if foo_customDB can use or create a DB with a different name (in this case, customINFO_sqlite.db).  The alternative is to get foo_playback_custom component to use customDB_sqlite.db.

Out of curiosity, if you rename customdb_sqlite.db to custominfo_sqlite.db, does the foo_playback_custom component play nice with this new file? 

If you can verify that foo_playback_custom is in fact compatible with the database generated by foo_customdb, then you can accomplish your goals by creating an NTFS symbolic link.  Essentially, you create a custominfo_sqlite.db symlink that points to customdb_sqlite.db.

foo_customdb: Custom Database

Reply #76

I would like to have option for rating songs like:

Journey - Don't Stop Believin' *****
Whitesnake - Is This Love ****
Chris Rea - I Can Hear Your Heartbeat *****

and afair foo_customdb allows such feature, but I don't know how should I set it. My actual config:

foo_customdb: Custom Database

Reply #78
Thank you for respond. I am using customdb because I don't want to interfere in mp3 files.
I've tried meta$(rating) but then column rating display: meta[UNKNOWN FUNCTION], so either I'm doing something wrong or I'm missing something or something else is wrong.

foo_customdb: Custom Database

Reply #79
I'm getting error when i search with query: %rating% PRESENT. But this query tested in other foobars and it was valid.
After I tried change value "rating" to "myrate" in database. And then execute query %myrate% PRESENT in foobar and foobar is crashed.
Help me please. I don't know what to do.
if you will need more my settings, i will give it to you.

Code: [Select]
Illegal operation:
Code: C0000005h, flags: 00000000h, address: 01D71945h
Access violation, operation: read, address: 00000000h

Call path:

Code bytes (01D71945h):
01D71905h:  C7 06 14 59 DF 01 89 75 F0 89 46 04 89 46 08 89
01D71915h:  46 0C FF 75 0C 89 45 FC FF 75 08 89 46 10 E8 7E
01D71925h:  00 00 00 8B 4D F4 8B C6 5E 64 89 0D 00 00 00 00
01D71935h:  C9 C2 08 00 33 C0 39 44 24 08 76 11 8B 4C 24 04
01D71945h:  80 3C 08 00 74 07 40 3B 44 24 08 72 EF C3 E9 E1
01D71955h:  FF FF FF 56 8B 74 24 10 85 F6 76 13 8B 4C 24 08
01D71965h:  8B 44 24 0C 2B C1 8A 14 08 88 11 41 4E 75 F7 5E
01D71975h:  C3 56 57 8B 7C 24 10 8D 47 01 50 8B F1 E8 BB 01

Stack (0837F7B4h):
0837F794h:  0012F7C8 03C779A8 0012F6FC 03C5BA60
0837F7A4h:  0138DA38 00DA0178 7C9101DB 08F30270
0837F7B4h:  01D715DB 00000000 FFFFFFFF 01E0A3A0
0837F7C4h:  01D76C9E 01E22810 01D8FA61 01E22810
0837F7D4h:  01D7157E 0837F89C 01DF4248 FFFFFFFF
0837F7E4h:  0837F8A8 01DCDE6A 00000000 FFFFFFFF
0837F7F4h:  417AEC6B 00000000 01E22660 03324B88
0837F804h:  01E22660 010003E0 0837F7EC 01E25AC0
0837F814h:  00313588 0042A815 0837F7EC 00000001
0837F824h:  7C910060 FFFFFFFF 7C91005D 01DE0146
0837F834h:  0837F848 0040791A 0837F938 03C9663C
0837F844h:  03C96640 0837F87C 00407A15 01DF5A80
0837F854h:  01DF5A80 00000008 0837F8E8 00000000
0837F864h:  01DF58DC 01E29C88 00000003 00000004
0837F874h:  00000002 01DF58DC 04A5D110 00000060
0837F884h:  00000080 0000005F 00000064 01E27E28
0837F894h:  00480AE1 015AAABC 0837F8E8 01DF33E3
0837F8A4h:  00000002 0837F8F4 01DCE229 00000008
0837F8B4h:  03325088 0837F8D4 417AEC37 01E0A3A0
0837F8C4h:  0837F8B4 01E0A3A0 0042DC28 0837F8B4

EAX: 00000000, EBX: 00000008, ECX: 00000000, EDX: 01D71574
ESI: 0837F8D4, EDI: 0837F938, EBP: 0837F7E4, ESP: 0837F7B4

Crash location:
Module: foo_customdb
Offset: 1945h

Loaded modules:
foobar2000                      loaded at 00400000h - 005F2000h
ntdll                            loaded at 7C900000h - 7C9B3000h
kernel32                        loaded at 7C800000h - 7C8F8000h
snxhk                            loaded at 64D00000h - 64D31000h
COMCTL32                        loaded at 773C0000h - 774C3000h
msvcrt                          loaded at 77C00000h - 77C58000h
ADVAPI32                        loaded at 77DC0000h - 77E6C000h
RPCRT4                          loaded at 77E70000h - 77F02000h
Secur32                          loaded at 77FE0000h - 77FF1000h
GDI32                            loaded at 77F10000h - 77F59000h
USER32                          loaded at 7E360000h - 7E3F1000h
SHLWAPI                          loaded at 77F60000h - 77FDC000h
DSOUND                          loaded at 73ED0000h - 73F2C000h
ole32                            loaded at 774D0000h - 7760D000h
VERSION                          loaded at 77BF0000h - 77BF8000h
WINMM                            loaded at 76B20000h - 76B4E000h
UxTheme                          loaded at 5B260000h - 5B298000h
SHELL32                          loaded at 7C9C0000h - 7E339000h
zlib1                            loaded at 5A4C0000h - 5A4D4000h
shared                          loaded at 10000000h - 1002B000h
imagehlp                        loaded at 76C80000h - 76CA8000h
dbghelp                          loaded at 59C60000h - 59D01000h
COMDLG32                        loaded at 76380000h - 763C9000h
CRYPT32                          loaded at 77A70000h - 77B06000h
MSASN1                          loaded at 77B10000h - 77B22000h
gdiplus                          loaded at 4EBE0000h - 4ED8B000h
MSCTF                            loaded at 746E0000h - 7472C000h
WINTRUST                        loaded at 76C20000h - 76C4E000h
wdmaud                          loaded at 72CE0000h - 72CE9000h
msacm32                          loaded at 72CD0000h - 72CD8000h
MSACM32                          loaded at 77BD0000h - 77BE5000h
midimap                          loaded at 77BC0000h - 77BC7000h
foo_uie_wsh_panel_mod            loaded at 01030000h - 010F2000h
OLEAUT32                        loaded at 77110000h - 7719B000h
IMM32                            loaded at 76360000h - 7637D000h
Msimg32                          loaded at 76350000h - 76355000h
foo_ui_std                      loaded at 01250000h - 01368000h
foo_uie_biography                loaded at 01390000h - 013E8000h
foo_input_std                    loaded at 01410000h - 01560000h
foo_input_monkey                loaded at 01580000h - 015C9000h
foo_albumlist                    loaded at 015F0000h - 0164D000h
foo_uie_lyrics2                  loaded at 01670000h - 0175E000h
WININET                          loaded at 771A0000h - 77261000h
foo_uie_explorer                loaded at 01780000h - 017BD000h
CLBCATQ                          loaded at 76FC0000h - 7703F000h
COMRes                          loaded at 01840000h - 01915000h
foo_out_wasapi                  loaded at 017F0000h - 01816000h
foo_audioscrobbler              loaded at 01930000h - 01963000h
foo_texttools                    loaded at 01990000h - 019C4000h
foo_utils                        loaded at 019F0000h - 01A34000h
foo_rgscan                      loaded at 01A60000h - 01AAD000h
foo_converter                    loaded at 01AD0000h - 01B4B000h
foo_uie_elplaylist              loaded at 01B70000h - 01BE3000h
foo_run                          loaded at 01C10000h - 01C6F000h
foo_w7shell                      loaded at 01C90000h - 01CCD000h
foo_uie_panel_splitter          loaded at 01CF0000h - 01D49000h
foo_customdb                    loaded at 01D70000h - 01E15000h
foo_unpack_7z                    loaded at 01E30000h - 01E5B000h
foo_ui_columns                  loaded at 01E80000h - 02010000h
urlmon                          loaded at 02020000h - 020C5000h
USP10                            loaded at 75540000h - 755AB000h
foo_freedb2                      loaded at 02100000h - 02140000h
foo_masstag                      loaded at 02190000h - 021E4000h
foo_dsp_std                      loaded at 021F0000h - 02238000h
foo_softplaylists                loaded at 02260000h - 022C8000h
foo_out_asio                    loaded at 022F0000h - 02326000h
foo_uie_graphical_browser        loaded at 02350000h - 023E4000h
foo_quicksearch                  loaded at 02400000h - 02431000h
MSVCP90                          loaded at 78480000h - 7850E000h
MSVCR90                          loaded at 78520000h - 785C3000h
foo_urlencode                    loaded at 02460000h - 02483000h
foo_discogs                      loaded at 024A0000h - 02501000h
foo_input_dts                    loaded at 02530000h - 02593000h
foo_abx                          loaded at 025C0000h - 025F2000h
foo_input_alac                  loaded at 02620000h - 0263D000h
foo_cdda                        loaded at 02660000h - 026AE000h
foo_uie_albumlist                loaded at 026D0000h - 02713000h
foo_lyricsdb                    loaded at 02740000h - 02770000h
foo_unpack                      loaded at 02790000h - 027BE000h
foo_musicbrainz                  loaded at 027E0000h - 0283C000h
WINHTTP                          loaded at 4D550000h - 4D5A9000h
foo_fileops                      loaded at 029C0000h - 02A07000h
SXS                              loaded at 7E690000h - 7E748000h
JScript                          loaded at 75C20000h - 75C9D000h
xpsp2res                        loaded at 04FF0000h - 05317000h
scrrun                          loaded at 73560000h - 7358A000h
wshom                            loaded at 66EC0000h - 66EE1000h
MPR                              loaded at 71B00000h - 71B12000h
mscms                            loaded at 73AF0000h - 73B05000h
WINSPOOL                        loaded at 72FC0000h - 72FE6000h
icm32                            loaded at 58BE0000h - 58C21000h
msxml3                          loaded at 74940000h - 74AA4000h
msxml6                          loaded at 58800000h - 58946000h
SETUPAPI                        loaded at 77910000h - 77A04000h
appHelp                          loaded at 77B30000h - 77B52000h
cscui                            loaded at 08A60000h - 08B09000h
CSCDLL                          loaded at 765D0000h - 765ED000h
USERENV                          loaded at 769A0000h - 76A55000h

Stack dump analysis:
Address: 01D715DBh (foo_customdb+15DBh)
Address: 01E0A3A0h (foo_customdb+9A3A0h)
Address: 01D76C9Eh (foo_customdb+6C9Eh)
Address: 01D8FA61h (foo_customdb+1FA61h)
Address: 01D7157Eh (foo_customdb+157Eh)
Address: 01DF4248h (foo_customdb+84248h)
Address: 01DCDE6Ah (foo_customdb+5DE6Ah)
Address: 0042A815h (foobar2000+2A815h)
Address: 7C910060h (ntdll+10060h), symbol: "RtlFreeHeap" (+133h)
Address: 7C91005Dh (ntdll+1005Dh), symbol: "RtlFreeHeap" (+130h)
Address: 01DE0146h (foo_customdb+70146h)
Address: 0040791Ah (foobar2000+791Ah)
Address: 00407A15h (foobar2000+7A15h)
Address: 01DF5A80h (foo_customdb+85A80h)
Address: 01DF5A80h (foo_customdb+85A80h)
Address: 01DF58DCh (foo_customdb+858DCh)
Address: 01DF58DCh (foo_customdb+858DCh)
Address: 00480AE1h (foobar2000+80AE1h)
Address: 015AAABCh (foo_input_monkey+2AABCh)
Address: 01DF33E3h (foo_customdb+833E3h)
Address: 01DCE229h (foo_customdb+5E229h)
Address: 01E0A3A0h (foo_customdb+9A3A0h)
Address: 01E0A3A0h (foo_customdb+9A3A0h)
Address: 0042DC28h (foobar2000+2DC28h)
Address: 01DF58DCh (foo_customdb+858DCh)
Address: 01DF3409h (foo_customdb+83409h)
Address: 00480CDCh (foobar2000+80CDCh)
Address: 0054CD38h (foobar2000+14CD38h)
Address: 00480BD6h (foobar2000+80BD6h)
Address: 01E0A3A0h (foo_customdb+9A3A0h)
Address: 7C910222h (ntdll+10222h), symbol: "RtlAllocateHeap" (+15Eh)
Address: 0054FDF8h (foobar2000+14FDF8h)
Address: 00480EBBh (foobar2000+80EBBh)
Address: 0047EAB4h (foobar2000+7EAB4h)
Address: 004E51A2h (foobar2000+E51A2h)
Address: 0057B23Ch (foobar2000+17B23Ch)
Address: 005A7B30h (foobar2000+1A7B30h)
Address: 0054B6E9h (foobar2000+14B6E9h)
Address: 004DE3B1h (foobar2000+DE3B1h)
Address: 0054CED8h (foobar2000+14CED8h)
Address: 004DE8F5h (foobar2000+DE8F5h)
Address: 005A7B30h (foobar2000+1A7B30h)
Address: 004E5651h (foobar2000+E5651h)
Address: 004E6406h (foobar2000+E6406h)
Address: 005A7B30h (foobar2000+1A7B30h)
Address: 0054D1D1h (foobar2000+14D1D1h)
Address: 00481176h (foobar2000+81176h)
Address: 7C80262Ch (kernel32+262Ch), symbol: "WaitForSingleObjectEx" (+DCh)
Address: 7C97E178h (ntdll+7E178h)
Address: 00576688h (foobar2000+176688h)
Address: 00576680h (foobar2000+176680h)
Address: 005A7B50h (foobar2000+1A7B50h)
Address: 005767D4h (foobar2000+1767D4h)
Address: 01CBF47Fh (foo_w7shell+2F47Fh)
Address: 7C91343Dh (ntdll+1343Dh), symbol: "RtlDecodePointer" (+0h)
Address: 7C91343Dh (ntdll+1343Dh), symbol: "RtlDecodePointer" (+0h)
Address: 7C917719h (ntdll+17719h), symbol: "RtlCompareUnicodeString" (+461h)
Address: 7C80E6CBh (kernel32+E6CBh), symbol: "GetModuleHandleW" (+1EEh)
Address: 0200DBE4h (foo_ui_columns+18DBE4h)
Address: 7C90E920h (ntdll+E920h), symbol: "strchr" (+113h)
Address: 7C9101E0h (ntdll+101E0h), symbol: "RtlAllocateHeap" (+11Ch)
Address: 7C9101DBh (ntdll+101DBh), symbol: "RtlAllocateHeap" (+117h)
Address: 5885AF24h (msxml6+5AF24h), symbol: "DllGetClassObject" (+4A51Bh)
Address: 5885AF35h (msxml6+5AF35h), symbol: "DllGetClassObject" (+4A52Ch)
Address: 749617B0h (msxml3+217B0h), symbol: "DllMain" (+569Ah)
Address: 5886E14Fh (msxml6+6E14Fh), symbol: "DllCanUnloadNow" (+49Eh)
Address: 5885AF38h (msxml6+5AF38h), symbol: "DllGetClassObject" (+4A52Fh)
Address: 5885AF35h (msxml6+5AF35h), symbol: "DllGetClassObject" (+4A52Ch)
Address: 5885AF5Dh (msxml6+5AF5Dh), symbol: "DllGetClassObject" (+4A554h)
Address: 5884AEE4h (msxml6+4AEE4h), symbol: "DllGetClassObject" (+3A4DBh)
Address: 5884AEEBh (msxml6+4AEEBh), symbol: "DllGetClassObject" (+3A4E2h)
Address: 5884AF42h (msxml6+4AF42h), symbol: "DllGetClassObject" (+3A539h)
Address: 765D12B8h (CSCDLL+12B8h), symbol: "Ordinal19" (+12B8h)
Address: 765D0000h (CSCDLL+0h), symbol: "Ordinal19" (+0h)
Address: 7C90118Ah (ntdll+118Ah), symbol: "LdrInitializeThunk" (+24h)
Address: 765D0000h (CSCDLL+0h), symbol: "Ordinal19" (+0h)
Address: 7C91AAF4h (ntdll+1AAF4h), symbol: "CsrNewThread" (+1Ah)
Address: 7C91ABE7h (ntdll+1ABE7h), symbol: "CsrNewThread" (+10Dh)
Address: 7C910222h (ntdll+10222h), symbol: "RtlAllocateHeap" (+15Eh)
Address: 7C90E920h (ntdll+E920h), symbol: "strchr" (+113h)
Address: 7C910228h (ntdll+10228h), symbol: "RtlAllocateHeap" (+164h)
Address: 7C910222h (ntdll+10222h), symbol: "RtlAllocateHeap" (+15Eh)
Address: 7C91019Bh (ntdll+1019Bh), symbol: "RtlAllocateHeap" (+D7h)
Address: 7C9101DBh (ntdll+101DBh), symbol: "RtlAllocateHeap" (+117h)
Address: 7C91AB30h (ntdll+1AB30h), symbol: "CsrNewThread" (+56h)
Address: 7C91AAD4h (ntdll+1AAD4h), symbol: "RtlUnicodeStringToInteger" (+213h)
Address: 7C90DE9Ah (ntdll+DE9Ah), symbol: "ZwTestAlert" (+Ch)
Address: 7C91AA5Ah (ntdll+1AA5Ah), symbol: "RtlUnicodeStringToInteger" (+199h)
Address: 7C9101DBh (ntdll+101DBh), symbol: "RtlAllocateHeap" (+117h)
Address: 00580700h (foobar2000+180700h)
Address: 7C90E920h (ntdll+E920h), symbol: "strchr" (+113h)
Address: 7C91AA60h (ntdll+1AA60h), symbol: "RtlUnicodeStringToInteger" (+19Fh)
Address: 7C91AA5Ah (ntdll+1AA5Ah), symbol: "RtlUnicodeStringToInteger" (+199h)
Address: 7C90D06Ah (ntdll+D06Ah), symbol: "NtContinue" (+Ch)
Address: 7C90E45Fh (ntdll+E45Fh), symbol: "KiUserApcDispatcher" (+Fh)
Address: 7C91019Bh (ntdll+1019Bh), symbol: "RtlAllocateHeap" (+D7h)
Address: 7C9101DBh (ntdll+101DBh), symbol: "RtlAllocateHeap" (+117h)
Address: 004568C0h (foobar2000+568C0h)
Address: 7C8106F9h (kernel32+106F9h), symbol: "CreateThread" (+22h)
Address: 7C8106F9h (kernel32+106F9h), symbol: "CreateThread" (+22h)
Address: 7C8106F9h (kernel32+106F9h), symbol: "CreateThread" (+22h)
Address: 7C8106F9h (kernel32+106F9h), symbol: "CreateThread" (+22h)
Address: 7C8106F9h (kernel32+106F9h), symbol: "CreateThread" (+22h)
Address: 7C90DF5Ah (ntdll+DF5Ah), symbol: "NtWaitForSingleObject" (+Ch)
Address: 7C91AC7Bh (ntdll+1AC7Bh), symbol: "RtlpWaitForCriticalSection" (+8Ch)
Address: 0055AE5Eh (foobar2000+15AE5Eh)
Address: 00539716h (foobar2000+139716h)
Address: 00480EF2h (foobar2000+80EF2h)
Address: 004D1F41h (foobar2000+D1F41h)
Address: 004D1CA8h (foobar2000+D1CA8h)
Address: 004D54C1h (foobar2000+D54C1h)
Address: 7C91019Bh (ntdll+1019Bh), symbol: "RtlAllocateHeap" (+D7h)
Address: 7C9101DBh (ntdll+101DBh), symbol: "RtlAllocateHeap" (+117h)
Address: 0054B740h (foobar2000+14B740h)
Address: 0045689Ch (foobar2000+5689Ch)
Address: 7C91019Bh (ntdll+1019Bh), symbol: "RtlAllocateHeap" (+D7h)
Address: 7C9101DBh (ntdll+101DBh), symbol: "RtlAllocateHeap" (+117h)
Address: 0054AC10h (foobar2000+14AC10h)
Address: 004568CBh (foobar2000+568CBh)
Address: 7C80B729h (kernel32+B729h), symbol: "GetModuleFileNameA" (+1BAh)
Address: 7C91019Bh (ntdll+1019Bh), symbol: "RtlAllocateHeap" (+D7h)
Address: 7C9101DBh (ntdll+101DBh), symbol: "RtlAllocateHeap" (+117h)
Address: 7C839AA8h (kernel32+39AA8h), symbol: "ValidateLocale" (+2B0h)
Address: 7C80B730h (kernel32+B730h), symbol: "GetModuleFileNameA" (+1C1h)
Address: 004568C0h (foobar2000+568C0h)
Address: 7C901000h (ntdll+1000h), symbol: "RtlEnterCriticalSection" (+0h)
Address: 7C9010E0h (ntdll+10E0h), symbol: "RtlLeaveCriticalSection" (+0h)
Address: 7C901118h (ntdll+1118h), symbol: "RtlTryEnterCriticalSection" (+0h)
Address: 7C901166h (ntdll+1166h), symbol: "LdrInitializeThunk" (+0h)
Address: 7C901198h (ntdll+1198h), symbol: "RtlActivateActivationContextUnsafeFast" (+0h)
Address: 7C9011DDh (ntdll+11DDh), symbol: "RtlDeactivateActivationContextUnsafeFast" (+0h)
Address: 7C90120Eh (ntdll+120Eh), symbol: "DbgBreakPoint" (+0h)
Address: 7C901212h (ntdll+1212h), symbol: "DbgUserBreakPoint" (+0h)
Address: 7C90121Eh (ntdll+121Eh), symbol: "NtCurrentTeb" (+0h)
Address: 7C901225h (ntdll+1225h), symbol: "RtlInitString" (+0h)
Address: 7C90125Dh (ntdll+125Dh), symbol: "RtlInitAnsiString" (+0h)
Address: 7C901295h (ntdll+1295h), symbol: "RtlInitUnicodeString" (+0h)
Address: 7C9012D1h (ntdll+12D1h), symbol: "CIsin" (+0h)
Address: 7C9012E5h (ntdll+12E5h), symbol: "sin" (+0h)
Address: 7C90137Fh (ntdll+137Fh), symbol: "CIsqrt" (+0h)
Address: 7C901393h (ntdll+1393h), symbol: "sqrt" (+0h)
Address: 7C90143Bh (ntdll+143Bh), symbol: "alldiv" (+0h)
Address: 7C9014E5h (ntdll+14E5h), symbol: "alldvrm" (+0h)
Address: 7C9015C4h (ntdll+15C4h), symbol: "allmul" (+0h)
Address: 7C9015F8h (ntdll+15F8h), symbol: "chkstk" (+0h)
Address: 7C9015F8h (ntdll+15F8h), symbol: "chkstk" (+0h)
Address: 7C901635h (ntdll+1635h), symbol: "allrem" (+0h)
Address: 7C9016E9h (ntdll+16E9h), symbol: "allshl" (+0h)
Address: 7C901708h (ntdll+1708h), symbol: "allshr" (+0h)
Address: 7C901729h (ntdll+1729h), symbol: "aulldiv" (+0h)
Address: 7C901791h (ntdll+1791h), symbol: "aulldvrm" (+0h)
Address: 7C901826h (ntdll+1826h), symbol: "aullrem" (+0h)

App: foobar2000 v1.1.5
OS: Windows 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 x86
CPU: Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 2.60GHz, features: MMX SSE SSE2
Audio: SoundMAX Digital Audio
UI: Columns UI

Core (2011-02-27 19:44:04 UTC)
    foobar2000 core 1.1.5
foo_abx.dll (2009-05-21 14:57:38 UTC)
    ABX Comparator 1.3.4
foo_albumlist.dll (2011-02-27 19:42:12 UTC)
    Album List 4.5
foo_audioscrobbler.dll (2010-06-04 05:27:04 UTC)
    Audioscrobbler 1.4.7
foo_cdda.dll (2011-02-27 19:42:04 UTC)
    CD Audio Decoder 3.0
foo_converter.dll (2011-02-27 19:41:48 UTC)
    Converter 1.5
foo_customdb.dll (2010-03-04 09:10:54 UTC)
    Custom Database 0.1.0_beta1
foo_discogs.dll (2010-07-22 12:59:06 UTC)
    Discogs Tagger 1.25
foo_dsp_std.dll (2011-02-27 19:42:22 UTC)
    Standard DSP Array 1.0
foo_fileops.dll (2011-02-27 19:40:50 UTC)
    File Operations 2.1.3
foo_freedb2.dll (2011-02-27 19:40:56 UTC)
    freedb Tagger 0.6.3
foo_input_alac.dll (2011-02-26 14:05:53 UTC)
    ALAC Decoder 1.0.7
foo_input_dts.dll (2010-09-05 09:31:04 UTC)
    DTS decoder 0.3.0
foo_input_monkey.dll (2011-02-26 14:05:53 UTC)
    Monkey's Audio Decoder 2.1.5
foo_input_std.dll (2011-02-27 19:41:24 UTC)
    Standard Input Array 1.0
foo_lyricsdb.dll (2009-10-05 08:35:38 UTC)
    foo_lyricsdb 0.0.8 beta 0
foo_masstag.dll (2009-09-18 06:01:36 UTC)
    Masstagger 1.8.4
foo_musicbrainz.dll (2009-04-10 20:27:30 UTC)
    MusicBrainz Tagger 0.2
foo_out_asio.dll (2011-01-15 17:36:45 UTC)
    ASIO support 1.2.7
foo_out_wasapi.dll (2009-05-19 19:45:18 UTC)
    WASAPI output support 2.1
foo_quicksearch.dll (2010-10-20 13:48:46 UTC)
    Quick Search Toolbar 2.3
foo_rgscan.dll (2011-02-27 19:41:56 UTC)
    ReplayGain Scanner 2.0.9
foo_run.dll (2009-06-07 12:15:18 UTC)
    Run services 0.3.7
foo_softplaylists.dll (2011-02-25 18:01:09 UTC)
    Soft Playlists 2011-02-05
foo_texttools.dll (2010-09-05 09:31:06 UTC)
    Text Tools 1.0.5
foo_ui_columns.dll (2011-02-27 20:22:58 UTC)
    Columns UI
foo_ui_std.dll (2011-02-27 19:42:12 UTC)
    Default User Interface 0.9.5
foo_uie_albumlist.dll (2009-06-13 22:49:20 UTC)
    Album list panel 0.3.5
foo_uie_biography.dll (2010-12-11 05:47:22 UTC)
    Biography View
foo_uie_elplaylist.dll (2010-10-30 18:51:16 UTC)
foo_uie_explorer.dll (2010-02-22 13:51:30 UTC)
    Explorer Tree 2.04.8
foo_uie_graphical_browser.dll (2008-04-19 19:37:54 UTC)
    Graphical Browser rev015
foo_uie_lyrics2.dll (2010-04-12 16:19:24 UTC)
    Lyric Show Panel 2
foo_uie_panel_splitter.dll (2009-12-09 21:16:12 UTC)
    Panel Stack Splitter
foo_uie_wsh_panel_mod.dll (2011-01-08 08:11:34 UTC)
    WSH Panel Mod 1.4.2
foo_unpack.dll (2011-02-27 19:41:36 UTC)
    ZIP/GZIP/RAR Reader 1.6
foo_unpack_7z.dll (2011-01-15 17:36:49 UTC)
    7-Zip reader 1.5
foo_urlencode.dll (2009-03-11 11:24:48 UTC)
    UrlEncode 0.0.2
foo_utils.dll (2008-02-08 19:26:58 UTC)
    Playlist Tools 0.6.2 beta 6
foo_w7shell.dll (2010-01-17 01:09:20 UTC)
    Windows 7 integration

Recent events:
Autoplaylists initialized in: 0:02.013139
">2" : 0:01.966924
"HITS" : 0:00.046178
w7shell: init started
w7shell: GDI+ initialized
w7shell: COM initialized
w7shell: running on Windows NT 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3
w7shell: Windows 7 (NT 6.1) or later required
Startup time : 11:23.669423
Custom Database: unknown error (21)

foo_customdb: Custom Database

Reply #80
Did you remember to restart foobar2000 as recommended after you made changes to customdb preferences?
Can't wait for a HD-AAC encoder :P

foo_customdb: Custom Database

Reply #81
Did you remember to restart foobar2000 as recommended after you made changes to customdb preferences?

yes, i restarted foobar after changing.

Also often when i start foobar he is crashed, because i have two autoplaylists with query %rating% GREATER <number>. But sometimes he is started normal.
What will i do with it?

foo_customdb: Custom Database

Reply #82
I took previous version of custom_db and my errors is pushed off. It's cool. Finally my foobar work.

foo_customdb: Custom Database

Reply #83
I'm trying to use foo_customdb as a means to transfer my custom ratings from one set of ripped tracks to another.  Basically, I rated a collection of lossy files, and now I want to transfer those ratings across to a re-ripped collection of lossless files.

Now, it struck me that foo_customdb might come in handy.  Copy ratings from source collection into customdb, then copy those ratings into the destination collection. 

The crucial part is creating a key that will be consistent between the two collections.  Something like "album / artist / tracknumber" will be close, but I can already see lots of instances where the album name is slightly different (capitalisation, punctuation, etc), so it won't be foolproof.

So I then thought what about foo_biometrics ( the FINGERPRINT_FOOID is bound to be the same, surely, between identical tracks, ripped from the same CDs, even if in lossy vs lossless formats... so would be a good key to use (or maybe crc32 version of it) for customdb?

Well, I tried an experiment, and it comes close, but it's not exact.  foo_biometrics reports a high confidence of the tracks being the same, but there are slight differences in the FINGERPRINT_FOOIDs.  So not a useful thing to use as the key in customdb after all

Any bright ideas for possibly using FINGERPRINT_FOOID in some way to reference my tracks for this purpose?  Any other ideas for getting my ratings across?


foo_customdb: Custom Database

Reply #84
P.S. What about taking only a part of the FINGERPRINT_FOOID as the key? 

For example, from a small sample, I've noticed that the digits 1 to 4 and 9 to 12 seem always to be "0", while digits 5 to 8 appear to be different for different tracks, but the same for the same tracks ripped in different formats. 

Perhaps those digits might be used as a key to match up the same tracks from different formats for the purpose of copying ratings using foo_customdb?  Or maybe there are more appropriate snippets to take from FINGERPRINT_FOOID that are more meaningful?

foo_customdb: Custom Database

Reply #85
OK a quick update.  I managed to use this method to pretty good effect to transfer ratings across to the new ripping format.  I used the following key in the end:


I know that this isn't perfect, because I know for sure that there were a couple of instances where more than one track mapped to the same key, but it came quite close to being a unique key.  In the end I just wanted to get the bulk of the ratings across accurately, even if there were a couple that transferred incorrectly (taking the rating of a different track).

I have a feeling that $substr(%FINGERPRINT_FOOID%,5,8) is just equivalent to the duration of the track, but I didn't investigate too closely.  Certainly, adding %tracknumber%%totaltracks% helped to make a more unique key... good enough for my purposes anyway.

foo_customdb: Custom Database

Reply #86
Hey guys, is there any way to store multiple value into a tag field created in foo_customdb? From what I had noticed it seemed to ignore the ; deliminator, causing the whole string (with  to be displayed.

foo_customdb: Custom Database

Reply #87
I just learned about this component today and migrated my ratings from Playback Statistics in order to use half-star ratings*.  I deleted most of the preloaded customdb fields (restarting foobar2000 after each individual delete) and right now it seems to work fine.  No crashes yet.

*if anyone cares, I'm just using the "1/2" fraction unicode character.
Code: [Select]

Also made an action to increase rating by .5
Code: [Select]

Issues so far?
- doesn't seem possible to reorder Actions.  I guess I'll have to delete them all and remake them to put them in order from the beginning?  (Or just use keyboard shortcuts, but wish foobar2000 accepted 3-key shortcuts, not just 2 key limit)

- on startup, Console shows an error...
Custom Database: Initialize
Custom Database: table quicktag already exists (1)
Custom Database: table database_version already exists (1)
Custom Database: index url_idx already exists (1)
Custom Database: Completed
Custom Database: unknown error (21)

- and of course startup of foobar2000 is slower now

foo_customdb: Custom Database

Reply #88
I don't seem to be allowed to edit my above post anymore, so some other observations...

- changing the key for a CustomDB tag will cause tags to be "lost" upon restarting foobar2000.  (Added track+disc to the predefined Rating tag to fix some "false" collisions).  Good thing I save all (auto)playlists as m3us regularly.

foo_customdb: Custom Database

Reply #89
Just wanted to add that I had complete stability with this component in Windows 7, but it seems to crash when combined with many Autoplaylists in Windows 8.  I've deleted all my autoplaylists and moved generation of static versions of those playlists into foo_uie_sql_tree, and so far I haven't had a crash...

foo_customdb: Custom Database

Reply #90
Does anyone still have this file? I just upgraded and didn't back up my old extensions. I have a lot of ratings stored.
Everything I've learned about space, I've learned from psytrance.

foo_customdb: Custom Database

Reply #92
Hey guys, is there any way to store multiple value into a tag field created in foo_customdb? From what I had noticed it seemed to ignore the ; deliminator, causing the whole string (with  to be displayed.

Anyone figure this out? I wanted to migrate my genre tags to customdb but this issue makes it unfeasible.

%cdb_genre% -> %<cdb_genre>% unfortunately doesn't work either.

foo_customdb: Custom Database

Reply #93
Hey guys, is there any way to store multiple value into a tag field created in foo_customdb? From what I had noticed it seemed to ignore the ; deliminator, causing the whole string (with  to be displayed.

Anyone figure this out?
There is nothing to figure out here. It is simply not supported.

foo_customdb: Custom Database

Reply #94
Is this component still available?
I'm late

foo_customdb: Custom Database

Reply #95

I was using customdb to store my First played statistics from Recently I've built a new PC, and now I am missing those stats once again. I used marc2003's WSH script to load the stats from the export from into customdb. It looks like the script in question was removed from his Dropbox, so I was just wondering if anyone (including marc2003 himself) still has it?

foo_customdb: Custom Database

Reply #98
I'm using this component since 3 days only, but I'm already excited about it. I've been messing with it quite intensively and (with windows 7) I didn't have any crash up to now. I only noticed that switching views in the CUI album list is slower, but it's worth it. Foo_customdb finally allows me to organize tags in a relational-like data model. For me it's a must-have. I only wish I knew more about SQLite in order to implement and personalize the database structure. I'm familiar with SQL and I work a lot with MS Access, but after a quick look at the customdb_sqlite with SQlite Studio I feel lost. It would be nice to have some directions and links to online resources to start off with for beginners.
I'm late

foo_customdb: Custom Database

Reply #99
I think you should just try to get used to a certain amount of "orphaned" entrys in the db. It shouldn't slow down the database that much as it's relatively few values we're talking about.

I probably did something you shouldn't do, but since I also hate having orphan entries in the database and I deleted all the default actions, I deleted all the related entries as well. Everything seems to be working fine for now.
I'm late

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