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Spectogram in CUI

Does anyone can help me?
How can I insert Spectrogram into Columns UI layout?? May I use some plugins for this?

Spectogram in CUI

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foobar's native visualisations (menu View, Visualisation) cannot be integrated into a Columns UI layout, but they can run in their own window in CUI.

A spectrogram's integration as embedded CUI element as you asked for is possible with third party components Peakmeter Spectrum or Shpeck (the latter is a Winamp visualisation plugins wrapper, so if you don't have Winamp spectrogram visualisations you don't need to check it).
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Spectogram in CUI

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Peakmeter Spectrum

I need spectrogram, not spectrum analyser 

Spectogram in CUI

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You can try this with MilkDrop
It's not like foobar builtin, but if you want it in a CUI panel maybe

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