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More wasapi issues

Hey all,
I promise not to complain here.  I am using the newest version of foobar (  in what I have termed a portable sandbox until I have everything down. (My main install is still at some earlier flavor of 0.9) I usually use ASIO+ASIO4All to output to my usb multichannel speakers, but limiting the output to stereo output, unless I'm feelin' all fancy and I throw on xover (not that this is an option on side...). Issue: foo_output_wasapi refuses to output to the usb speakers, while the internal sound card will work just fine.  i dug into some info and figured out windows defaults the speakers to 48kHz, 16 bit, 6 channels. is this just "stereo source to multichannel output" flub? and am i out of luck until someone updates a crossover dsp for the new sdk? pertinent info below

Vista SP1
Multichannel USB Speakers <- want to work
Internal Realtek stereo <-works
  • resampler (PPHS) 44.1kHz->48kHz
  • foo_output_wasapi
Thanks in advance


More wasapi issues

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recompiled xover here

[edit] wasapi complains here

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