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Scope of GFDL


What is the scope of the GFDL license on the knowledgebase website?

Does it also cover the images?

Is User:Elliottmobile picmixer?

I ask because Wikimedia Commons currently has the logo:

And it's listed as a GFDL image. It's been uploaded as GFDL because it's listed as GFDL on the Hydrogenaudio Knowledgebase.

If Elliottmobile had no right to upload it as GFDL, then I'll ask nicely to get it deleted.

Scope of GFDL

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OK... I'm fairly sure User:Elliottmobile isn't picmixer, judging from his User talk page.

The Hydrogenaudio Knowledgebase allows uploads of fair-use images, so it's now been categorized as such.

Scope of GFDL

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Oh, Elliott...

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