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MAREO 5 Released

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Hi kwanbis,

I went to your site to download Mareo 5, but I did not see a download link there. Do you still have it available? If so, where?

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MAREO 5 Released

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MAREO 6 is coming this weekend ... if you can wait, better ... if not, i could send it.

MAREO 5 Released

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Hi kwanbis,

Yes, I can wait for MAREO 6 this weekend. Someone named PeteF was trying to use NeroAacEnc and NeroAacTag with CDex and the only thing that I could come up with, was to use MAREO, because it can do post encoding processing (NeroAacTag).

So, will MAREO be able to do this in CDex?

Thanks for your fine work! 

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MAREO 5 Released

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yes, it can.

MAREO 5 Released

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Hi Kwanbis,

Great work on MAREO, I have started using it recently and am relatively new to all this, so it is taking me a while  (I don't have a programming background so things take a little longer...)

Just wondered how development of MAREO 6 is going and whether or not you or someone else will be updating your website with all the changes and some more documentation on how to use MAREO? Will there be documentation on ripping to image's with cue sheets and some more explanation on how to use WAPET as well? I am finding information on how to set this up in the .ini file disparate and hard to come by.

I have not played around enough and don't have a good enough grasp of things to ask any specific questions yet, but I am sure other users are in the same boat...

Thanks for your work on this, it has the potential to make ripping my collection alot easier!
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MAREO 5 Released

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i just came from a trip to canada, so i have to catch up a little, my idea is to have it ASAP. Maybe this weekend.

MAREO 5 Released

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I have done some more fiddling around with MAREO 5 and have hit a bit of a stumbling block.

I am ripping using EAC and in the external compression options I am using the following:

Fon Soff mareo.ini %s %d "%a" "%g" "%t" "%n" %y "%m"

I want to rip to WavPack with APEv2 tags and MP3's with ID3v2 tags (using LAME). I understand that wapet must be used to tag WavPack files.

mareo.exe is located at "D:\Exact Audio Copy\Encoders\mareo.exe.exe" (Version 5.0)
wavpack.exe is located at "D:\Exact Audio Copy\Encoders\wavpack.exe" (Version 4.41)
wapet.exe is located at "D:\Exact Audio Copy\Encoders\wapet.exe" (Version 0.6)
lame.exe is located at "D:\Exact Audio Copy\Encoders\lame.exe" (Version 3.97)

I want to have the following folder structure:

My Music\MP3\Artist\Album (For the resulting MP3's)
My Music\WavPack\Artist\Album (For the resulting WV's)

And I want the filenames to be:

XX Trackname (e.g. 02 Never Be Lonely)

My question is:

What would my mareo.ini have to be to achieve my desired result?

I am not a programmer at all and am having real issues getting this to work! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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MAREO 5 Released

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MAREO 5 Released

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I'm planning to use mareo and foobar.
My process is as follows:
1 get tracks in a lossless + cue file. Run albumgain
2 get album art with album art downloader
3 Using foobar's coverter, split those into smaller tracks in lossless (flac) and lossy (ogg). They go to corresponding dirs.

Can mareo move the album art as well (even if there's folder.jpg and back.jpg)? That'd be ideal.

MAREO 5 Released

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MAREO 5 Released

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I've just updated my Mareo to the latest one on the website (5 I assume as 6 does not appear to have been released yet) and it just crashes now.

I was using a much older version with EAC and have seen the two new command line options required since 4.5.

I have tried running Mareo directly from the command line but it still crashes.  I have also used a completely fresh install and ini file with no luck.

This is my test command line:

C:\razor\mareo>mareo Foff Soff mareo.ini ".\rip.wav" ".\rip.flac" "artist" "album" "title" tr yr ge

Am I doing something very stupid?

Many thanks,


MAREO 5 Released

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C:\razor\mareo>mareo Foff Soff mareo.ini ".\rip.wav" ".\rip.flac" "artist" "album" "title" tr yr ge

did you check the mareo.x.log file?

Next week, i'm having surgery, so i would have to stay at home for 4 days.

I have decided to finish MAREO6, and update the documentation.

MAREO6 would include CUE support.

edit: I use this line to test MAREO
mareo.exe FON SON mareo.ini "original.wav" "original.mp3" "Artist" "Album ..." "Title" 1 1972 "Rock" UNO DOS TRES CUATRO

MAREO 5 Released

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Can I use MAREO 5 to create WMA files? I'm running it from EAC

MAREO 5 Released

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I can't seem to DL Mareo 5.0 or 6.0 anywhere, can someone help me out?


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