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Speex batch decoding


I need a programm that can batch decode speex files. It should be able to decode all speex files in a directory to wav files and it should be free and a commandline programm because I want to run it from an installer.

I've heard speexdec.exe is able to batch convert files: but it did'nt work.

What's wrong?


ich suche ein Programm, das mehrere Speex-Dateien in einem Verzeichnis auf einmal in Wav-Dateien umwandeln kann. Es sollte ein Commandline-Programm sein, weil ich es aus einem Installer heraus ausrufen möchte (wird eine Mod für ein Computerspiel, das aber nur .wav-Dateien annimt, die sind mir aber zu groß).

Ich habe gehört, dass es mit speexdec.exe möglich sei: Aber das funktioniert nicht.

Was mache ich falsch?

Speex batch decoding

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Thread moved.

Save the text below as speex-decode.bat, first editing the path to SPEEXDEC.EXE, and then drag the folder containing the SPX files onto the file icon.

Code: [Select]
@FOR /R %1 %%G IN (*.spx) DO "C:\Path To\SPEEXDEC.EXE" "%%G" "%%~dpnG.wav"

Edit: Just noticed that you want to run this from an installer.  If you can run the command from the installer the syntax should be:

Code: [Select]
FOR /R %1 %G IN (*.spx) DO "C:\Path To\SPEEXDEC.EXE" "%G" "%~dpnG.wav"

The alternative is to use the batch file, and call it passing the folder as a parameter, i.e.:

Code: [Select]
speex-decode "C:\Path\To\My Wave Files"
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Speex batch decoding

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Thx it works! 

But I can hear many loud clicks in the speex files that weren't in the original file except I choose quality 8-10 but the general quality is good (not that metallic as vorbis aO tuv b5  ). Is this a problem with speex or what's wrong?

I'm using speexenc.exe and speexdec.exe both v. 1.2 beta2

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