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ATI VIVO - Make PAL_B Default


I recently noticed that my ATI Radeon 9600 has a VIVO port. I connected my DVB-C receiver over S-Video and have to say that the quality is really exceptional (using VLC as "player" to open the dshow stream). However, there is one small thing that annoys me - after rebooting the PC, the card seems to switch back to NTSC_M as default input format. With this setting, the picture I get is full of lines and is mostly black and white. If I manually set the format to PAL_B, everything is perfect. Now my question: is it possible to make the card remember the input format (PAL_B over NTSC_M)? I read some posts about flashing the card's BIOS, but that seems to affect the S-Video output not input.


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