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A/V out of sync when recording - again

I bought a new TV card a couple of months ago - a Leadtek WinFast - since I wasn't able to record anything using my old Hauppauge WinTV without fearing a BSOD. I also wasn't able to do timeshifting or schedule recording. Anyways, I seem to have a problem that I experienced with my old card as well: when I record something for a couple of hours, the audio and video loses sync. The longer the movie, the higher the offset. If I record an episode of CSI or whatever, you don't see any problem even at the end of the movie because the difference is very very small, but I recorded some concerts from 3sat yesterday which took the whole day. After five hours, the video is about 1 second "faster" than the audio.

Any idea how to fix this?

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