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Original audio in avi matters for encoding?

I'm trying to transcode avi video into mp4 file for playback on Nokia 5500 mobile.

To do this I use Mediacoder which yields excellent video quality.

But problem is that audio doesn't get transcoded in this process. No combination of settings works for audio transcoding. Since the Nokia works with AAC, this is what I try to include in the mp4 file.

Output statistics always shows audio bitrate =0.

The avi file I start with is generated by Windows Movie Maker which I use to capture video from my Sony handycam.

But I've now found that if I transcode an avi file output from my logitech webcam, the audio transcoding DOES work.

So, apparently, the audio stream in the original avi file matters here, since Mediacoder works with one but not the other.

Can the movie maker output file somehow be prepared for Mediacoder to accept it, or what am I doing wrong here?

Complete solution or suggestions for trouble shooting would be appreciated.

Original audio in avi matters for encoding?

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Can the movie maker output file somehow be prepared for Mediacoder to accept it

if thats some sort of avi? try to

a. install avisynth,
b. write a script like:


c. save as myvideo.avs
d. open myvideo.avs in your encoding application


alternative, use application like gspot to see what kind of audio is inside that source avi and act accordingly (like demuxing the audio, and doing the separate conversion to aac and only at the end stage remuxing back to your mp4 (or whatever...).

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Original audio in avi matters for encoding?

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thank you for your reply.

I haven't worked with avisynth but will certainly look into it.

Gspot I have used earlier so that shouldn't be a problem. I

will test further and post back here the results.

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